Summertime Fun Box For Kids

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School is out in the summer. Your kids are past their first week of enjoying and feeling the relief of summer vacation. They come to you and complain of boredom. There is nothing to do. What can you do? They have a lot of toys, some of which are barely played with, so you suggest they play with them. They don’t want to.

You have laundry, dinner to prepare, and bills to be paid. Feeling tired of being ready to throw up your arms and do nothing. I just wish you had a little boredom on your hands. You can think of a lot of things you’d like to do, if only you had some extra time fun88.

Back to the children, what can they do?

When you have a break in your schedule, sit down with your kids, and brainstorm together things they can do when they’re bored. Write all their ideas on paper. Prepare yourself for some weird stuff that’s coming out, but write it down anyway. This is a brainstorming activity and no idea should be dismissed or ridiculed. Explain that when you’re done brainstorming, you’ll all go through each item to see if it can be done. Encourage them to think of things that don’t cost them money. This will be difficult for some. I expect a trip to Disneyland will be at the top of their list. But write it down even if you know it’s fun impossible.

If they are having a hard time coming up with ideas, start them with something fun like making a tent out of old blankets in the backyard, making sock puppets, and putting on a puppet show.

Once they understand what you are next, it will become easier for them to come up with ideas.

Encourage them to think about the things they should do as a family and the things they can do on their own fun . This list will help you plan weekend family outings you might not have thought of. This list may become too long.

Once you have a list of items, start at the top and talk about each item to understand what the child means when it is mentioned. There will be quite a few ideas that won’t bring success, and you’ll need to explain why to them. For example, it could be something that costs a lot of money or you don’t have time to go on a trip to visit a relative out of state. If the trip to the moon is correct, explain that it is not possible but you can take them to the library to learn more about the moon and what it would be like to visit them. Be creative with their ideas, even if they seem on the outside.


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