Solar Power Texas: Is It Worth Going Solar in the Lone Star State?

Solar Power Texas

Solar energy is the way of the future. It doesn’t matter if you live in America or in Russia. Eventually, our fossil fuels are going to run out. 

Studies suggest that we have 70 years left with coal, 40 years left with gas, and 30 years left with oil. Soon, the whole world will need to operate on some version of green, renewable energy. 

But what are the advantages of using solar power in Texas today? Are there any incentives that will make your investment worth the solar panel costs?

Keep reading for everything you need to know about the benefits of Texas solar power. 

Texas Net Metering

Like many other states, Texas offers an incentive program called net metering. If you stay connected to the grid after installing solar panels on your home, you can sell any excess energy you produce back to the power companies. 

While few companies hand out cash for this energy, you can use power credits to power your home cost-free on cloudy days or during extended periods of less-than-sunny weather. 

Federal Tax Credits

Of course, when looking at the advantages of installing solar power in Texas, we can’t ignore federal tax credits. Did you know you can get a 26% return on your solar investment by filing your costs in your taxes?

To put things into perspective, for every $1,000 you spend on solar equipment and installation fees, you can get $260 back from Uncle Sam. These numbers add up quickly, especially if you’re outfitting your house to be completely self-sufficient. 

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Increased Home Values and Property Tax Exemptions

Installing solar panels for a house gets you off the grid and helps you save money on your energy bills. However, it also has the ability to significantly increase your home’s value. 

In many states, however, this means paying more on your property taxes, but not in Texas. If you invest in solar power in Texas, you won’t have to pay increased property taxes based on the equity added to your home.  

Texas Rebate Programs

Finally, there are various rebate programs offered by individual cities and counties in Texas. While these aren’t statewide, there’s a good chance your city offers some sort of incentive. 

For example, in Austin, you can get up to $2,500 back on your solar expenses. Many cities, like Austin, also pay you cash based on how much energy your solar power system generates. Alternatively, if you’re a CPS Energy customer, you can earn $1.20 per watt of solar panels installed on your roof. 

Looking for Solar Power in Texas?

Are solar panels worth it to you? There are several other benefits of solar power in Texas that we didn’t mention in this article. For example, you’ll be taking a step in the right direction to help heal the planet.

Ultimately, you need to decide where your priorities lie and what choice is right for you and your family. For more homeowner advice or green energy ideas, stick around. Our blog is full of fantastic content created for people like you.


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