Reverse the Impact of Sedentary Lifestyle

Reverse the Impact of Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle and outbreak of various infections are making our immunity weak. Additionally, our food choices  are compromising the nourishment to our body. After a long sitting session, if we think we can reverse the impact of a sedentary lifestyle with a 45 minute daily workout, we are fooling ourselves. On the contrary note, intense workout may cause injury that might be irreversible. This is why shoulder injury, lower back issue, muscle tear, cramp, and others are quite infamous injuries among gym goers. But don’t lose heart, you can be healthy and safe in the gym just by following some points. 

Impacts of Sedentary lifestyle:

  • Obesity is one of the side effects of it that mostly takes place due to unburn calories
  • Bone density decreases that cause frequent fracture
  • Muscle weakness and lose its strength
  • Reduces the absorbability of nutrients that is good for overall health
  • Shoulder and neck issues are common
  • Cardiac health is compromised
  • Stress and anxiety become part of life
  • Weak eyes
  • Reduces mental ability like concentration
  • Reduces mental capability to cope with stress

How to Break Sedentary lifestyle vicious cycle: 

  • Cap on Screen Time: Undoubtedly, most jobs and entertainment mediums have limited to screens that nourish the sedentary lifestyle. Just by making a cap on the screen time and coming back to the real world can help you to break the vicious cycle of a sedentary lifestyle. Take 5 minutes off from the screen every 20 minutes if you have that particular job which requires you to peep into the screen.  
  • Stand and stretch more often: In the break, stand more often and stretch. Do stretches for shoulders, next, legs, lower back which are most affecting parts of your body. There are many exercises for them that you can do anywhere. It helps your body in transition from passive to active state that can handle the ill effects of sudden movements. 
  • Take care of nourishment: Curb the high calorie foods, process foods and incorporate other nutrients especially protein , vitamins and minerals into your diet. For easy access to nutrients you can rely on leading health product or supplement brands like Myprotein and others. Keep a good water level in the body and help nutrients to propagate different parts of your body. 
  • Gym: Intense exercises in the gym are helpful but only in the presence of the mentioned points. Make sure you have done a full body stretching to avoid any injury while weight lifting. Then start from low weight and maintain it till you are sure that your muscles are ready to lift the weight. After a good workout session, you need good nourishment and rest. Keep focus on them and reverse the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle for a larger extent. 


Our job choices are leaving us no option other than following the sedentary lifestyle. It is great for many companies to achieve the millions of dollars target but in our health cost that their health insurance is unable to cover. We have to stand for ourselves. Literally, stand more often and pursue the above mentioned points to get the healthiest you. 


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