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There are times when it is a hassle having to go through multiple files one by one. Therefore, why bother when we can have all of them in one file so we can read the document in one sitting? Combining multiple PDF files is possible with the help of a merging tool where it can put together independent PDF files into one single file. This will make opening and viewing documents so much easier.

And where to do that? The best site that provides tools for merging PDF files is PDFBear! It is a user-friendly site that has a selection of PDF tools and services such as file organization, file viewing and editing, file optimization, e-signing, conversion, security, and watermark stamping. Plus,  PDFBear is free to use and very accessible. However, if you wish to work with their pro features, you can avail of their membership plan, which we can testify is worth every penny.

Merge your PDF documents into one with just 5 quick and easy steps with PDFBear. Here’s how:

Steps to Merge PDF Files with PDF Bear

  1. Upload PDF files to PDFBear

Once you are on the site and the merge pdf tool, the next thing to do is to upload the PDF files you intend to merge. To start uploading files, click the Select Files button located at the center of the toolbox. A window of your device’s file library will appear. There you will have to select the files that need to be merged and then click Open.

Another easy and convenient option to upload the files is to simply select them in your file library, drag them, and then drop them to the assigned area in the server. The server will automatically load and process your file right after. It usually takes a few seconds to a minute depending on the size of the files uploaded and the speed of your internet connection. 

2. Choose from Merge Options

When your file is uploaded, PDF Bear will ask you to choose how you want to merge your files. The first option is Merge Files where the site allows you to arrange and combine entire PDFs any way you like. This option is free. The second option is only for those who have access to PDFBear’s pro features. It is the Merge Pages, where you can select, arrange, and combine individual pages of PDFs. Once you have selected your desired merge option, click the Choose Options button. You will be directed to the next step.

3. Modify your PDF files if necessary

In this next step, you can modify how you want your file to be merged depending on the Merge Option you chose in the previous steps. You will see a preview of your PDF files at the center and if you wish to add and remove them, you can do so.

To add more PDF files for merging, click the Add More button. And if you want to remove a document, simply click the Trash Bin button which you can find above each PDF file. You can also have a closer look at the PDF file by clicking the Zoom In button right above the file. And even know more about the details of the file by clicking the question mark button. 

There is also an Options section available that has helpful tool options including view, select, delete, and even print. 

When you are done and satisfied with the modifications, proceed to click the Merge PDF button, and PDFBear will process and combine the PDF files and abide by how you want your final output to be.

 4. Wait for Merging to complete

While the site does all the work, all you have to do is wait for the merging of the files to be completed. It would usually take a few seconds to a minute depending on the number of PDF files, the modifications, and the internet speed. But despite PDFBear giving the fastest service, they do not compromise on the quality of their work and service. They ensure that they produce files of the highest quality.

5. Download the merged PDF document

To download your merged file, click the Download button, and your internet browser will immediately download it to your device. If you have access to PDFBear’s pro features with their membership plan, you can rename your file first before downloading it.

PDFBear also makes sure that you get not only the best merging and download experience but also the most convenient sharing experience. With their generated shareable link, you can copy and send it to your recipients for them to download the file. Meaning, you no longer have to upload a file one by one to share a file with multiple people. You can also send the file via email by clicking the mail button and entering the required email addresses in the space provided.


There is no other better way to merge PDF files than the best way which is through PDF Bear. With just a few clicks your files are merged and ready for download, and the best part, the site does all the work. Indeed, it is convenient and trouble-free.

And if you worry about the security of your files being uploaded to the internet, PDFBear is equipped with the highest level of security with their 256-bit encryption technology. They value and respect the privacy and security of the users and the information each document contains. All files will be permanently deleted after an hour. Check out more of their tools and services; they can come in handy when you need them! 


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