A Comparison Between Bulova Men’s and Ladies’ Watch Collections

You probably already know that there is a big difference between a man’s watch and a lady’s watch. For one thing, men’s watches are usually made of tougher materials, are bigger, and probably are much heavier most of the time than the ladies’ watches. On the other hand, the ladies’ watches are usually made lighter and more “femme” since that’s the best way to show off these timepieces on women’s wrists.

But do those differences make men’s watches “better” than ladies’ watches? Or are ladies’ watches a better way to showcase watchmakers’ skills? The debate is now officially on! So, if you want to know more, then keep reading.

A Brief History of the Bulova Brand 

For one thing, Bulova watches already have a good reputation over the years for being well-made fashion watches. The Bulova brand was first used in 1875 and ever since then it has been a staunch advocate of the saleability of fashion watches. 

World War II actually allowed the brand to be more recognizable because the company created military watches for both ordinary soldiers and their esteemed generals. Eventually, the Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking accepted disabled war veterans as students to gain skills in watchmaking. These veterans were able to earn a decent income despite their battle scars and injuries.

Nowadays, Bulova is a globally recognized brand so there is no doubt that a Bulova watch qualifies as a luxury watch. It isn’t just the materials taken into account but the skills its watchmakers have that help that brand become stronger.

Understanding the “Better” Watch Label

So how can you tell which Bulova watch is better than the others? The thing is, you can’t really put that kind of “better watch” label on either a men’s watch collection or a group of ladies’ watches. Because each collection has its strengths. If you don’t find what you want in one collection, perhaps the other collections would have those features.

The men’s watches tend to appeal to men who have a tech-mindset. The women’s watches, on the other hand, may seem to flourish in elegance, so they appeal to women who would like a fashionable and artistic accessory to their outfit for the day. These are the strengths of each Bulova collection for men and for women.

It is best to know what features you need and want from a Bulova watch right from the start. That way, you can start examining each model until you have an “ah-ha!” moment and find “the right one”. You are the only one who would know which Bulova watch fits you to a T. So there’s no point of comparison.

Outstanding Examples of Bulova Ingenuity

There are some men’s watch models that are really quite unique though. For example, Bulova has the CURV collection of men’s watches. Who would have thought it is possible to create curved time cases that follow the circumference of a man’s wrist? This is something that no other luxury watch brand has been able to devise yet. That alone should make the Bulova brand shine in the marketplace.

Another Bulova milestone was the development of the Lunar Pilot Chronograph. This watch model made it to the August 2, 1971 moon landing of the Apollo 15 astronauts. The watch’s precision became a crucial factor in helping the astronauts monitor their supplies of oxygen and water, as well as the life of their batteries in their life support backpack. It was also necessary so that the astronauts weren’t late for the important window of re-entry back into Earth’s atmosphere.

Underrated Beauty

You might not have observed much media mileage about the beauty of the women’s watches of Bulova. But that doesn’t mean they can be dismissed out of hand. The truth is, some Bulova ladies’ watches are very beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that you will wish you could afford something that gorgeous to wear on every important occasion.

One example of a nice-looking ladies’ watch is the women’s Marine Star watch. It comes in a silver-toned stainless steel case measuring 34 mm fitted with a flat mineral crystal. It may be a luxury watch but it features water resistance up to 100 meters making it useful even for swim parties by the pool.

On the other hand, there are the women’s Classic watch which is really ideal for women who don’t want outlandish gee-gaws on their wrist. You may fancy this kind of watch if you don’t like to flash money around but still want something pretty to strap on your wrist. Yes, it is still definitely a luxury watch, even though it only has three diamonds set at precise intervals around the circumference of the face.


Men and women have different attributes that shouldn’t be taken for granted. In the same way, their individual watches are also respectable proof of the talent and skills of Bulova watchmakers. So there’s no “best” Bulova watch collection to favor. The men’s watches and the ladies’ watches can both hold their own in a crowded luxury watch arena – and one glance at them just proves it.


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