Professional eCommerce PPC Management Should Be Your Secret Digital Marketing Weapon

Nothing is stopping you from starting your own PPC campaign on your own and managing its performance single-handedly. You can literally create, for example, a Google AdWords account, today, even right now, bid for keywords and get your ads out there in front of customers. So what’s stopping you?

It’s a lot of money, and it’s a lot of work. Worse, managing the performance of every aspect of each ad group to improve your quality score can almost be called a full-time job without so much as a hint of sarcasm. That’s why there are so many eCommerce PPC management firms whose actual full-time jobs cover just that. Some digital marketing agencies actually specialize solely in PPC management.

This is because there is an infinite amount of data to consider regarding the performance of your campaign. To say it is a lot would be an offensively ludicrous understatement. It starts with keyword bidding, setting negative keywords and then impressions, and ends with whether or not a user ultimately submits an order.

Except this does not paint an accurate picture of the value of a PPC campaign. Some PPC campaigns aren’t even conducted with the aim of generating sales. Some are intended to be used as lead generation tools, or simply to spread brand awareness or to get subscribers for a blog, editorial, or newsletter.

This complicates eCommerce PPC management. Every campaign, just like every target cohort, is governed by idiosyncrasies that, though they are largely quantifiable, are hard to track. Making things even more confusing is the fact that every morsel of data that can be gleaned from an eCommerce PPC campaign is valuable.

What ads generate clicks? When do they generate clicks? Who clicks on them? What percentage of clicks result in a bounce? Do users click on ads and then convert in large numbers in some unforeseen manner, perhaps for a different product that was not advertised in the listing?

These are all valuable questions that can be asked regarding the performance of a PPC campaign, and services like Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising enable you to track them, provided you know what to look for, where to look for, and how to make sense of it.

To bring the argument back, this is what eCommerce PPC management agencies do for a living. They’ve cut their teeth on paid search campaigns and know just what minutiae to alter to drive up the performance of your ad campaigns. In some instances, they may even be able to automate the process to make continuous updates to your ads and groups so that your ultimate return on ad spend (ROAS) is constantly improving.

Pursuing these strategies, an eCommerce PPC management agreement with a digital marketing agency can and should be the secret weapon of your digital marketing strategy. The PPC specialists that manage these marketing campaigns know just how to alter your PPC advertising strategies to push down your cost per click while improving your ultimate return on investment, which is the best combination of all.

PPC experts also know how to make changes to your PPC ad copy to best appeal to users when they show up in the search results, and full-service agencies will offer solutions for landing page development and optimization that will bolster the success of your PPC strategy.

Don’t let a good opportunity go to waste. If you already are running content marketing and social media marketing campaigns in conjunction with SEO, you’re leaving money on the table by holding out with PPC. The eCommerce market is saturated, and differentiating your business with a quality paid search campaign will bring in new customers.

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