Prescription Sunglasses: A Multi-functional Accessory!

Prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory but also a safety instrument. With the increasing risk posed by the harmful UV rays of the sun, it has become all the more necessary in present times. Anyone who has a significant exposure to the rays of the sun, should have a pair of sunglasses by their side, when they are outdoors.

But what about those who have a prescription and require an eyesight correction? Prescription sunglasses may be what you need.

What are prescription sunglasses?

As the name suggests, sunglasses fitted with a prescription are known as prescription sunglasse. Basically, prescription sunglasse perform the dual function of eyesight correction and protection from UV rays. 

If you are in need of a new pair or looking for a much needed upgrade, all you need to do is head online and explore the huge collection. You also have the option of buying designer glasses online. Yes, even the sunglasses variants.

Who needs prescription sunglasses?

Those who are in need of eyesight correction, for whatsoever medical conditions, and also have a significant exposure to the sun’s rays, prescription sunglasses are just what you need. Just like a normal pair of prescription glasses, you can even get your existing pair of prescription sunglasses fitted with an updated prescription, as and when they need arises.

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Benefits of prescription sunglasses

There are lots of benefits associated with prescription sunglasses. Let’s have a look at them.

Protection from UV rays

Exposure of eyes to UV rays can cause medical conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration and also damage to the cornea. In present times, the risk has actually multiplied, considering the rampant climate change that is taking place.

Prescription sunglasses come with a protective UV coating applied on their lenses. The coating blocks the UV rays from making its way to the eyes. While purchasing a pair of prescription sunglasses, you need to ensure that they provide both UVA and UVB coating. Both these coatings combine to achieve an almost 100% UV protection.

Clarity of vision

As these sunglasses also come fitted with a prescription, providing clarity of vision is one of their most important functions. Whether you are suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness, or any other condition that can be corrected by glasses with prescription, you can rely on prescription sunglasses as well, for the same.

Preventing glare

Glare is very common in bright sunny conditions. It occurs when light rays are reflected off the lens surface. By applying an anti-glare coating on your prescription sunglasses, glare can be reduced to negligible levels. 

Protection of skin around the eyes

The skin around our eyes is very sensitive. Exposure to sun rays – even for a short duration – can have damaging effects on this part of your face. When outdoors, there is no doubt that you should always take the help of sunscreen, but complementing it with a pair of sunglasses can provide that extra layer of protection for the sensitive part of your face.

Serving as a fashion accessory

For a long time, sunglasses have been regarded as a highly acclaimed fashion accessory. You can wear them to all occasions and they are suitable for all moods. Whether it is the wayfarer style popularised by Tom Cruise in The Risky Business, or the solid aviators, which was originally designed for pilots, all the sunglasses styles have a class of their own.

Over the online medium, you will get low cost glasses with next day delivery. You can choose the pair that suits you best from the extensive online collection.



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