Pixie Cut Ideas to Transform Your Looks

Pixie Cut Ideas to Transform Your Looks

To make your pixie cut stylish and stand out, you need to add style to it. This style is the ultimate cool and gives you the transformation powers. It highlights essential parts of the face like the cheekbones and will give you all the confidence you deserve.

Pixie Cut Ideas to Transform Your Looks

Although the pixie styles are versatile, they have one drawback of upkeep. Almost everyone can wear them, but ensure you match the style with your hair type and face shape. Our list contains some pixie cut hairstyles to try before this year ends.

  1. Slicked Back

Pixie cut styles are easy to style, and a sleek back is one of the simple styles to attain your edgy and classic look. For the almost wet-looking pixie, you start by washing the hair and parting it in the desired direction. You can comb the part to the left or right. Add a shine-inducing oil and cover the head with gel to hold the style in place.

2. Simple Braid

Making a braid can be challenging, but your stylist can help. According to LoveHairStyles, dry shampoo will add texture to your hair and make the braid stay in place all day. Make a diagonal braid across the head, but ensure the braid is loosely done. Secure the braid using a pin at the ends.

3. Kerry Washington’s Polish

Short hair is not boring. You can achieve a feminine look by adding texture to the hairline. Use a razor to add feathery softness—style by combing the locks to one side and adding shine with some hairspray.

Pixie Cut

4. Accessorize

How do you feel about Lupita Nyong’o’s look? It is simple to achieve. Add a headband to your short hair. Pair the style with cute earrings like loops, wear a smile and step outside with your chin up.

5. Volume

This style suits women with voluminous hair. The blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle straightens the hair as you comb it in different directions. It also adds volume to the hair and covers your roots.

6. Pinned Back

As the name suggests, this pinned back hairstyle is easy to style all you need to use is a bobby pin and you have your style. Use a blowdryer to straighten your hair and hold it back using bobby pins. You can also use a decorative clip to add style to make you stand out.

7. Curls With A Fringe

Have you thought about incorporating a fridge into your curly hair? The curls with a fringe hairstyle are easy to achieve, whether your hair has natural curls or not. Use a shampoo and conditioner to reduce the flyaways of the curls. Go in with a setting crème to maintain the curls. Pull some strands to the front to create a small fringe.

Pixie Cut


8. Hall Berry’s Spiky Style

To get Berry’s kind of spiky pixie cut style, ask your stylist first to give you a cut that fits your face shape. Go in with a root lifting crème and add some gel to maintain the style all day long.

9. Uneven Hairstyle

This style will add more statement if you add a sweeping face fringe. To style it, follow the same steps for spiky hair. Comb the bangs to one side using a comb and use a firming gel to hold it into place.

10. Michelle William’s Side Cut

This icon’s hairdo is easy to copy. Start with washing and blow-drying your hair. A paddle brush will straighten it better if you have curly hair. Make a part over to one side. Use a toothbrush to apply hairspray. This ensures that all the strands are held in place.

11. Sidecut

Having sharply shaved sides with a bit of length on top is still a trendy hairdo. The style is easy to achieve and manage. You can even do a wash and go, and you are okay with it.

12. Small Fringe

You can choose not to try too hard on your hair by layering and tapering the edges to suit your head shape. Ensure the sides are short and add some shine with a finishing spray. While incorporating a fridge into your pixie cut may appear odd, it is a great way to give your hair a revamp.

Source: How to Style a Pixie Cut



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