Picking The Right Studio For Audio Shoot Of Your Ad Film

Right Studio For Audio Shoot

Due to the rapidly increasing trend of web and mobile audio applications, the market for quality Audio Advertising is on a steep upward curve and is expected to keep rising further. It was never so easy to record an audio AD Film in the past, and it was also never so easy to market a brand with audio AD film. Research shows that in today’s scenario for picking the Right Studio For Audio Shoot, when audio ad films have integrated into the personal playlists on Apple iTunes, YouTube, Gaana, Spotify, and other applications, it increases audience retention during the AD film than on video content. 

If the listener does not like the advertisements, the application platforms give the option to skip the ad. After the option to skip arrives, it will be the quality of the ad that will decide whether the listener will opt to continue or skip the ad.

Quality of voice over and the script becomes very crucial here. Now, if you have both in perfect shape, the next and the most critical factor will be to ensure the best sound quality. A professional voice over agency will have the capacity to create the script, choose the right voice actor and ensure proper sound quality, so choose the right agency for your project is an important decision.

To get the best sound quality, we need to pick the right studio for the shoot of the ad film. If we talk about the pandemic’s present scenario, the remote working option is getting very popular or a mandate. In any case, it is not a big hassle for the voice-over or audio advertising industry since the set-up of a studio for the audio shoot is a very feasible option. Remote working has existed in the Audio industry for quite a long time, so there are good tools available in the market to set up your studio. If you want to set up a remote studio, you can look into its essentials or take expert advice to make it a perfect investment.

Let us now talk about some guidelines in picking the right studio Equipment for the shoot of audio advertisement.

  • Studio Location should be Noise-Free

When you think of starting up some venture, the first question is, where will you operate? Similarly, the studio’s location is essential since the place should be free from unwanted noises in the surroundings. You cannot make the mistake of picking a studio location near a runway. 

It is always a good option for an ideal studio to set up a noise-free sound recording booth if the place is noisy. Remember to ensure space in it as a voice actor may need to act the script to modulate the voice as per script requirement.

  • Ensure the Availability of the Right Microphone

The caption appears short, but it is an essential consideration in picking up the right studio. The availability and selection of the right mic needs detailed study and technical exposure to compare the options. 

There is an extensive range of microphones available in all shapes and sizes with their unique features. Naming a few are shotgun, handheld mic, Stereo mic, Wired Lavalier, etc. No microphone is good or bad; it just needs a skilled user to give the best result. For instance, Large-diaphragm condenser microphones are preferred in the studio because of their capability to reject rear sounds. Different microphones work well in different surroundings and purposes. Before finalizing the studio, always check the mic if it works on your voice or not. Check if its setting is perfect to work for your requirement.

 Always remember that even the best microphones can fail if you don’t have the skills to use them. 

  •  Check the Microphone Stand and Pop Filters

It sounds so meager and monotonous to mention here, but it is also a significant point. As mentioned above, even the best microphone may not work well if its placement is not proper. So, the microphone stand should be tested well if it works for you. Also, make sure there are good pop filters in the studio to improve the quality of your vocals.

Best studios help in making a good quality ad film, but the presence of luxury studios does not ensure the success of an advertisement. Actors performing the script ensure the success of the ads.  If you are looking forward to picking up that perfect studio to record your audio advertisement or the ideal voice actors who can give the best outcome, then you can simply logon to Voyzapp – India’s largest voice-over marketplace where you can find thousands of talented advertisement voice actors and voice actors across different genres such as animation, radio, IVR, documentary, movies, web series etc. You can view profiles, listen to voice samples, compare prices of voice-over artists and hire instantly at the click of a button. 


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