How Has COVID-19 Affected People’s Desire To Study The Quran Online?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all industries Online Quran Tutors by Rate, both positively and negatively. More than nine months after the outbreak, the world has started to learn to live with it. While these nine months have been terrible for some companies, they have proved to be a blessing for others.

Shops and educational establishments have either been forced to close or limit

Their opening hours to prevent the public from gathering and to implement social evacuations. Educational establishments around the world remained closed for more than seven months. Even those institutions that were allowed to continue operating had to ensure security measures, including limiting the number of students allowed at any one time. People have also been more cautious about shopping and avoiding public places in the past. All this has led to an unprecedented growth in e-learning Online Quran Tutors by Rate .

As mentioned above,

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an explosion in growth in a number of industries. Online learning of the Quran has gained unprecedented momentum. With self-isolation and the closure of all physical learning centers, people have no choice but to resort to virtual learning. And this has been a good and productive use of time. Muslims around the world see it as a great opportunity to connect with Allah while they stay at home and study the Quran online anyway Online Quran Tutors by Rate .

Online Quran Study Enhancement

Jamal, founder of the leading online Quran Academy, revealed that from March to July 2020, the number of enrolments in his academy increased by 200%. The number of students enrolling in online Quran studies has increased dramatically. It would normally take almost 2 years to get new students in those 5 months. This should not come as a surprise given that people are stuck at home with no social activities. Studying the Quran online is the best option for them.

The director of another online Quran academy

Told us that his academy had hired 20 new male and female Quran teachers because there were so many new students. Over five years, the academy managed to hire 35 instructors. This shows that their student numbers grew exponentially during the pandemic, and this is reflected in the strength of their instructors. Thanks to the 5-month COVID programmer, the college was able to grow its customer base, which took almost 4 years. The pandemic has brought great prosperity to many online businesses, and Quran e-learning is certainly one of them.

Apart from the fact that most people can study Quran online, the result of this work is that it has also provided employment opportunities for aspiring Quran online teachers. Each college has hired new online Quran teachers to accommodate new students. It is estimated that online Quran colleges hired up to 3,000 new online Quran teachers during the pandemic. Many people started teaching Quran online as freelancers. Although this growth slowed down after August 2020, when it became easier to open and close physical schools, the number of enrolled students was still higher than normal.

After speaking with the owners and managers of more than 15 online Quran learning centres, they all seemed quite happy with the growth of their business. They also feel honoured that they are giving more and more people the opportunity to study Quran online and earn a fair share of thawab (blessings). However, they hope that the pandemic will soon end and things will return to normal.

The growth of the Hifz project – a special case

Mr Ali, founder of another leading Quran organisation, IQRA Quran Coaching, made an interesting revelation. He has seen a huge growth in the online Hifz programme. A course that helps people learn the Quran by heart. He said that he also found it a bit strange that more students enrolled in the memorization course than any other course, despite the high demand for Quran memorization or Tafseer courses. He said that before the pandemic, they were getting one or two people a week enrolling in the Hifz online course or the Quran recitation course, while the other courses were getting 3-5 people enrolling every day. During the pandemic, the situation was reversed, with 2-3 new people enrolling in the Hifz online course every day.

As a result, Ali had to hire new Hifz teachers to take care of these students. According to him, he hired five new teachers specifically for the online reading of the Qur’an. The number of other courses has also increased and he has had to hire five more teachers.

As a strong advocate of learning the Online Quran Tutors for Tajweed


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