Micro-blading of eyebrows

Phibrows is a micro-blading of eyebrows using the phi method. Eyebrows are manually measured using the phi method and then micro-bladed using a handheld tool. It is like tattooing but with coloured and semi-permanent ink.

Phibrows give you natural-looking eyebrows without makeup. Phibrows micro-blading is semi-permanent makeup.

You can have your eyebrows in your favourite shape, thickness, and colour. Bribrows have colours for every skin colour and hair colour, Like phi brows brown 1, brown 2, and 3.

Phibrows brown 1 is the ink for micro-blading phi brows. It is used for people with natural brown hair and natural blondes. It is a light pigment created for natural blondes and people having natural brown hair colour on their body and naturally brown eyebrows. It gives a very warm neutral shade which is perfect for natural blondes and natural brown eyebrows.

Characteristics of brown one shade;

  • It is 100 per cent micro-blading quality.
  • It does not have any harmful heavy metals.
  • It gives off a perfect warm shade.

Phibrows pigments:

Phibrows brown 1 is available easily in the market. It comes in ready-to-use tubes of different sizes according to your need. But it can only be used by professionals. People with naturally brown eyebrows should have thick eyebrows hair if they what to use brown one shade.

Brown 1 shade is the lightest shade. It is made with compressed colours. The compression of colours gives a more deep shade and good colour texture and quality.Phibrows inks are available in many colours for every hair shade. SUPE brown 1 is the shade for natural blondes and clients having natural brown eyebrows but with thick hair in their eyebrows.

SUPE Brown 1:

SUPE brown 1 is a very light shade of brown, but it gives off a warm shade after application. The pigmentation is deep and is difficult for colour mixing, but the professionals know how to mix and use this ink.

SUPE brown one shade contains the yellow colour in compressed form to create a warm shade.

Micro-blading inks are made by combining synthetic pigments and micronized and purifies red iron oxide.

That is what gives it the perfect warm brown shade. Equal parts of red and black colour to two parts of yellow colour are combined and mixed together to make this colour.

You can buy your phi brows brown one pigment online or in-person from the market.

There are no harmful chemicals or metals in these inks as these are tested and certified by the testing authorities. These are safe to use and do not have any harmful effects.


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