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Almost one in seven of the UK’s population now resident in Greater London, so new statistics show that you’re most likely to get burgled in here than anywhere else. It is possible to prevent a break-in with quality locks. The most common burglary method is lock snapping. The current locks of many houses are not protected against this, and they are susceptible to this type of burglary.It is therefore advisable to install anti-snap locks. With these locks, you are assured of leaving your home safely. Locksmith in Greater London is an anti-snap locks specialist and has the best hardware against burglary.

During the holiday periods, the chance of a burglary in the house increases. Partly because many people put their holiday snaps, including references to their location, on social media, when burglars see such photos on public profiles, they know precisely when you are and are not at home! They can find out your address by looking at the location details in previous photos. Fortunately, there are various ways of keeping burglars out of your home during the holidays. Locksmith London will give you some handy tips that can help.

The locksmith London advises homeowners to check the soundness of their locks before their holidays. Possibly your locks are already five to ten years old, and it’s time to replace them with a more modern variant. For example, do you have cylinder locks with two points of contact in the door frame? You can replace this type of lock with a similar cylinder lock with three contact points. This will make it harder for burglars to enter your home!

Also, take a look at the locks you have installed on the windows in your home. Often windows are hardly secured, which makes it easy for burglars to get into your home. The locksmith in London advises house owners to secure their windows with additional locks. This category of locks includes padlocks, mortise locks and pin locks. Padlocks are mostly used for securing a fence door and garden shed door. The mortise locks are suitable for securing your windows.

In addition to quality locks, locksmith London also recommends using optional security components in the home. Have you ever considered installing a doorbell with a camera? The moment someone rings your doorbell, you get a notification on your smartphone or tablet. Via the camera on the doorbell, you can see who is at the door. This is even possible from your holiday address! Instead of a doorbell with a camera, you can logically hang a standard model security camera on the façade of your house.

An excellent alternative to the use of a security camera is the use of magnetic sensors. These sensors are less conspicuous because they are placed on the door and door frame. If the contact between these sensors is interrupted for a particular time, the alarm signal will be activated. This deters burglars!


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