IT Staff Augmentation Challenges

IT Staff Augmentation Challenges

Every company sooner or later faces the need to find new staff.  As a rule, this is a very difficult process that requires a lot of knowledge and effort.  Especially if it’s in the IT field.

Almost every company needs IT specialists.  After all, many business owners often need to create their own corporate application or configure certain software resources.  Therefore, today we will consider what difficulties may arise when looking for personnel in the IT field.

In order to facilitate your search process, you can always turn to specialized places such as Uvik.  There you will be helped to select highly qualified specialists who can take on any business process.

Let’s move on to a list of the most common problems that you may encounter when creating a team.

1. Lack of specialists

On the one hand, there are now many specialists in the IT sector on the market.  But this is only at first glance.  Many of them are underqualified, irresponsible or do not meet deadlines.  Indeed, professionals in their field most often already work on large projects and cannot find time for you.

Therefore, this is the first problem that you may encounter when looking for staff.

2. High prices

Due to the fact that most of the specialists are already employed and work on large projects, there may be a problem with the price.  Most often, there are two types of professionals on the market: some of which do not have the necessary skills, while others simply overestimate their capabilities and set too high prices for services.

This is another problem that complicates the search.

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3. Personal qualities

This is certainly not the most common problem, but it can also occur.  People are different, and some of them can be very difficult to keep in touch with.  They can be good specialists, but they do not know how to communicate with clients at all and cause negative emotions.

Thus, it is important to look at the communication skills of a prospective employee.

4. Lack of portfolio

Now there is a trend in the market when specialists do not maintain their portfolios at all.  This is very bad, because the choice becomes more complicated.  If you find a professional with examples of work, you will be able to evaluate them and roughly estimate whether he can complete your task or not, and whether you are satisfied with the results of the work.

5.Where to look?

This question arises for everyone who is looking for newcomers in their team.  Indeed, where can you find the very specialist who will become an ideal part of the team?

Many people use sites with vacancies or freelancing for this, but it is not always possible to find really strong and highly qualified people there.  Therefore, the search becomes more difficult.

6.Lack of reviews

We very often rely on reviews when choosing a product on the Internet or looking for an employee.  Sometimes there may not be reviews, but a specialist with good potential is hiding there.  And it happens that there are good reviews, but the employee is irresponsible.  So get ready that this may be another problem that you will face.


Summing up, we can say with confidence that when you start looking for a new employee, you will face many problems and difficulties.  It’s not as easy as it might seem at first glance.  Here you need to take the time and carefully look for that very person.  Therefore, be prepared that difficulties will definitely come your way.

But also do not forget that there is always a way out, and sometimes it is easier and cheaper to turn to special services that will help with the search and provide highly qualified specialists for whom they will be responsible.


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