Data analytics gets a smooth functioning with Saras Analytics

Data analytics gets a smooth functioning with Saras Analytics

Insights that have the power to change the course of any company. Saras Analytics is a data management and predictive analytics company that can help you at any stage of the data lifecycle. By bringing data to life, they assist stakeholders in making data-driven decisions.

The Data Replication Superhero

The goal of Saras product is to make complex analytics affordable and accessible to small and medium-sized organisations. One way to decrease analytics costs is to make it quick and easy to consolidate fragmented data and empower teams to focus on unearthing insights. Daton is the superpower that will help us achieve our objectives.

Implementation of analytics

90% of Google Analytics configurations are either inaccurate or incomplete and hence you need to get help from Saras monitoring tool:

  • Inadequate marketing campaign comprehension, leading in incorrect attribution and unsuccessful campaigns
  • Inability to establish the specific cause of conversion funnel user abandonment
  • There are little insights on the performance of banners and listings.

Data Collection Specification

For a digital business, understanding the footprints that customers or visitors leave behind when they visit a website is crucial. Based on their experience implementing tagging for hundreds of sites, they have discovered that the complexity of tagging a site are not generally understood or appreciated. Companies who comprehend these complexities have a better knowledge of their customers and, as a result, provide better marketing outcomes.

They work with you to establish what data is important to you, what data to take, and what data to avoid collecting, as well as build a data collection plan and work with your technical teams to implement it.

Structures of Data

Building a corporate data warehouse has always been a pricey endeavour. As a result of developments in public cloud technology, costs have dropped considerably in recent years. Thanks to cloud technology, analysts and business users may now benefit from data warehouses without having to worry about the administrative overhead. Building an infrastructure layer that allows you to collect data from diverse systems and combine it into cloud data warehouses is the first step in this journey.

The Data Layer’s Implementation

After understanding your data collection requirements for mobile apps and online applications, we collaborate with your engineering teams to execute the data tagging specification. The usage of a data layer is required for this activity.

Erroneous data capturing on digital assets is a common cause of marketing attribution issues. Many of Their clients who completed a data audit and set aside time and money to implement Their suggestions now have a better understanding of their marketing data and attribution. These clients have a better grasp of the growth factors and can utilise data insights to improve marketing spending and expand their businesses.

Resolve your data issues with the help of a reputable data analytics firm.

Saras Analytics derives its name from the Sanskrit word for crane. The crane is considered a holy animal in Indian mythology. It can fly at great altitudes, migrate to new continents, and adapt due to its ability to fly in formation across vast distances; it is dynamic, agile, and a fantastic team player.

Saras Analytics aspires to possess all of these qualities, as well as strength, flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to be dynamic. They live up to their name by setting lofty objectives for us and working together to achieve them. They work across boundaries and are flexible and adaptive in their pursuit of their core goal, which is to assist their clients in succeeding.

They work with a wide range of data types.

Saras Analytics is a data analytics organisation that helps businesses in over 30 industries connect, gather, and analyse a variety of data types from a variety of sources to suit their most particular needs at the department and enterprise levels.

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Developing data-driven strategies

The first steps in their relationship are generally business research and planning seminars. During these sessions, they interact with key business stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the organization’s and their respective teams’ goals and objectives.

The workshops are meant to be experimental and collaborative. These seminars assist teams in gaining clarity and more precisely defining success, paving the way for the creation of a clear analytics roadmap that must be followed.

Examining the State of Analytics and Putting It to Use

90% of digital businesses have a defective Google Analytics setup or a setting that isn’t ideal for improving user experience through CRO. They conduct audits and troubleshoot problems by implementing GA in line with company requirements and industry best practises. They build and deploy high-value, low-impact data collection solutions using their extensive e-commerce and analytics experience.

  • Examine the website or app using a 100-point checklist.
  • To identify drop-off locations, create events and funnels.
  • Identify and resolve attribution and data quality issues.


Experiments that have a high chance of yielding speedier findings are given priority. Positive outcomes help to build trust, which allows for further experimentation and collaboration. To put it another way, they create an experimental and measurement roadmap, prioritising low-effort, high-impact experiments above others to get the process started.

Experiment Planning

They work directly with your in-house design team or design agency, sharing data on the user journey, user drop-off points, conversion performance, and more. This step ensures that the brand is consistent throughout all aspects of the site. They next conduct their tests with the new designs provided by the team.

Take quick steps to maximise the value of your data in order to stay competitive or get a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By providing your analysts with a solid architecture, they will be able to focus on insights rather than data preparation. You’ll never waste time on manual reporting again.

Google Analytics is one of the most common tools for capturing user behaviour data on a web application. Unfortunately, it’s startling that 9 out of 10 implementations contain serious flaws for such a widely used product. In a digital organisation, these gaps might indicate that choices are being made based on data that is incomplete, inaccurate, or inconsistent.

After they audit your systems, they fix the data issues, set up the necessary tagging, and ensure that the data quality is accurate before rolling out the changes to your production application. If you’ve ever doubted the veracity of your GA data, you’re not alone. Contact us today to have your Google Analytics reviewed.


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