Instructions for Choosing Right Wigs

Instructions for Choosing Right Wigs

Choosing a lace wigs is an individual and delicate process. Long or short, dark or light, straight or curly – we will not talk about what is worse and what is better because it’s all up to you. However, many criteria should still be adhered to, regardless of which wig design you prefer. First of all, this is a matter of your comfort and rational spending, so we do not recommend ignoring these factors.Monica from Unice lace wig said.

As usual, we are here to help you. Today we offer you some tips on choosing a wig that will allow you to understand exactly what to start from when it comes to the design and quality of your second hairstyle.

Choose Right Wig Material

Time does not stand still, and the technology for making wigs is becoming more and more perfect. That is why it can be so difficult for you to choose between a product made of natural or synthetic hair. Of course, each of them has its own advantages and usability benefits. To understand this, let’s talk in detail about the types of wigs according to the materials they are made of.

Human Hair Wigs 

The mark “100% natural hair” on the package of the wig speaks for itself—such models really look very natural and extremely impressive. No matter what modern technology manufacturers use to make synthetic hair look like human hair, wigs made of real human hair remain a kind of benchmark in this field.

Synthetic Wigs

And now we will say a few words in favor of the protection of synthetic wigs. Indeed, manufacturers and scientists have managed to obtain fibers that reproduce the thickness, texture, and shade of human hair almost perfectly. It is very easy to make a mistake and confuse them with real curls! However, all of this is true only when it comes to a quality product.

Wigs made of synthetic materials have other benefits as well. They keep their shapes well, are less dependent on weather conditions, and are quite unpretentious and easy to care for.

Synthetic Wigs Vs Human Hair Wigs – What’s the Difference?

Before choosing between a natural and synthetic wig, you need to weigh the pros and cons. For example, synthetic wigs are more affordable but give less freedom of styling. You will have to fork out for an accessory made of natural human hair, but in this case, nothing will prevent you from showing your fantasy.

Hair Length

The length of the strands is a kind of alpha and omega for choosing wigs, as, indeed, in the case of styling your own hair. We do not doubt that when considering models, you are guided by this very criterion. Besides, there is nothing complicated here: wigs are classified by a length in the same way as natural hairstyles are:

  1. Short wigs cover or expose the back of the head and frame the face from the front to the level of the chin or the middle of the neck.
  2.  Medium-length models imply that the strands of hair touch the shoulders or fall just a little lower.
  3. Long strands are the hair covering the shoulder blades and reaching the waist. Let’s put it simply: everything that falls below the shoulders is considered long hair.

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You can cut wigs in the same way as your own hair, but here, as you may understand, there is a difference. The strands of the wig will not grow back like your curls. That is why, if you decide on a radical experiment, be ready to buy a new accessory.

Cap Construction

A lot depends on how the base of your wig is arranged, including the convenience of taking off and putting on the reliability of the grip, as well as comfort, and breathability. We suggest you learn more about all types of caps in the list below:

  • Hand-tied. It offers very natural hair movement and easy styling.
  • Open cap. It provides a natural look and constant air access to the scalp and hair roots
  • Traditional. It will be a great solution for those who need more pomp and volume in their hairstyle.
  • Lace front. A wig with a successful presentation of the hairline.
  •  Monofilament. A godsend for lovers of experiments because it allows you to make the most natural parting.

Every experienced wig user has her own opinion about which cap can provide all this in full. For example, if you want your scalp to breathe and never feel hot, consider wigs with an open cap (a wefted wig). Wigs with a lace front attract those who prefer to leave the forehead open because they give a natural hairline. Well, if you dream of a wig that looks and moves exactly like your own hair, products with a hand-tied cap are already waiting for you.

Hair Texture

The variety of textures is another absolute advantage of wigs. You can even afford the structure of the hair that you do not possess yourself, and without any tedious styling and hot tools. Consider the main types of textures for wigs:

  • Straight. Long, shiny, smooth, and well-groomed strands look very elegant. If you bought such a wig because you dreamt about this texture, your life will become much easier.
  • Wavy. Such hair is adored by fans of the golden mean and moderate volume. At the same time, you can change the steepness of the wave, and that adds variety.
  • Curly. Flirty curls create a spectacular volume and you are free to create an airy and flirty image.
  • Kinky. Kinky wigs have very tight curls, resembling springs. It is very difficult to achieve this with your own straight hair, so the wig becomes a lifesaver.

Of course, you can try different textures on your wig as well. You can hardly straighten the wig strands that were curly or kinky from the start, but straight gives you complete freedom of action. However, do not overuse styling products and curling irons because they shorten the life of your wig.

Hair Density

By density, we mean how thick the strands of your wig are. The standard indicator for such products is 120%. However, here you can choose any value from 100% to 180% so that you can purchase a wig that fully meets your wishes.

Wig Color

Choosing the color of an accessory will not be superfluous to recall such a concept as relevant. If you prefer natural shades of hair, you will have no restrictions. However, if you want to choose a catchy and extravagant wig color, make sure that you will not wear it to official events and the office – unless, of course, you work somewhere in a creative design studio.

Suitable Price

When planning to buy a wig, it is very important to understand that in this case, a miser pays twice. You invest in your appearance and image, so you shouldn’t save in any case. Do not think that we encourage you to buy nothing but the priciest models but the question of price-quality ratio is relevant for any wig owner.

The most important rule to remember sounds like this: never buy cheap synthetic wigs! They don’t look much like natural hair and will give you a very careless and odious look. Your choice is high-quality synthetic wigs and accessories made of natural human hair, so look for what you can afford in these categories.

The only reasonable way to pay less without sacrificing quality is to get a discount on a good wig or stumble upon an expensive product from some past lines and collections. If you were so lucky, why not?

Choose Right Brand

The reputation of the wig manufacturer matters! Brands interested in long-term work and the loyalty of their customers will always offer high-quality products on favorable terms and will definitely help solve any issues related to wigs. We also stay in touch with customers and provide support on everything, including the choice of accessories, rules of wearing and caring, etc.

Choose Your Perfect Wig Correctly!

Finally, we have prepared for you some short tips on buying and using a wig. Here they are.

  • Be a perfectionist – choose the right size wig only.
  • Appreciate your comfort – make sure that the cap does not retain heat and does not irritate the skin.
  • Stay mindful – take care of the wig properly and store it on the stand.
  • Wear a wig with confidence – you look gorgeous!

We invite you to look through our catalog, which presents high-quality wigs that you can afford. Contact us – we will do everything we can to help you choose an impeccable accessory!


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