Infrared Sauna: Sweat The Stress Away

Infrared Sauna: Sweat The Stress Away

Does working all day make your muscles sore, or do you want to lose weight without heavy exercise? A sauna session can answer all the muscle pain and stress.

Types Of Sauna

There are different kinds of saunas that you can choose from. Whenever you go to a sauna house, you will be amazed by the number of doors that welcome you. But why? We have different bodies, and we have different levels of tolerance to heat. These rooms have different heat levels, and you can choose what room you are comfortable with. To help you find out what space you fit in, here is a list of multiple types of saunas.

  • Dry Electric Heat Sauna – These are the most common saunas you’ll find out there. It is simpler than wood-burning saunas because you need to push a button to adjust your desired temperature and relax. People like this one because they have control over the room’s temperature. Having this at home is quite efficient because it is energy-saving, so you don’t have to worry about your power bill. 
  • Wet Sauna – The fancier version of dry heat sauna is a wet sauna! By tossing water onto the heating elements, the room will start to get steamy. Some commercial saunas don’t have wet saunas because the water damages the electric heater. Some people tend to pour the whole bucket of water into the heat elements, which causes much damage. The temperature in the room can reach up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Infrared Sauna – Sometimes called a far-infrared sauna, it uses light to create heat. Unlike the traditional sauna, this one heats your body directly, not the air around you. It can operate at a lower temperature which is usually between 120˚F and 140˚F that is cooler than normal ones, which are between 150˚F and 180˚F. 
  • Wood-Burning Sauna – Before there is electricity, the common heat source is fire. There are two types of wood-burning saunas, traditional wood-burning, and contemporary wood-burning heater. Unlike electric heat saunas, you can dump as much water as you want without worrying about electrical issues.
  • Sweat Lodge – It has the same heat source as wood-burning, but the rocks are prepared outside of the space and brought back in when ready. Then water is poured into, getting the sweat lodge steamy and moist.

A sauna or sudatory is a small room built and designed for dry and wet heat sessions. You can also categorize these by region, Finnish sauna, and Russian Banya. The first and oldest known sauna is from Finland, where a pit is dug in a slope. It has stones heated at high temperatures and thrown with water to heat the room. The first Finnish saunas are called ‘savusauna’ or smoke saunas today. These saunas offer two levels with 10 to 15 percent humidity and can reach from 80 degrees to 100 degrees celsius.

Russian Banya or traditional Russian bathhouses include steam rooms with wooden benches with leafy branches used for massages. People would often walk outside and lie down in the snow after visiting the sauna. They also offer two or three levels with 70 to 90 percent humidity. Banyas can reach 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity.

Why Infrared Sauna? 

Infrared Sauna works at a lower temperature, making it accessible to those who can’t stand the heat of regular saunas. It still causes the same reaction to our body when we do moderate to vigorous exercises and increase heart rate. The heat penetrates more than warmed air, so you will sweat even more without even moving. Unlike traditional ones, with the same benefits but less hustle, infrared saunas give off heat that the body can handle. There are claims that the heat only goes to the air is about 20 percent, and the other 80 percent goes to the body. 

Benefits Of Infrared Sauna

The benefits of infrared saunas are similar to traditional ones. The only difference is that if you stay longer in an infrared sauna, your core body heat increases by two or three degrees, making it more effective. Some benefits are listed down below:

  • Weight Loss
  • Relaxation
  • Detoxification
  • Better sleeping pattern
  • Relief from sore muscles
  • Clear and tighter skin
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Aid for people with chronic fatigue syndrome

Also, being exposed to infrared light gives several different biochemical changes to your body. These affect the hormones responsible for offsetting stress which improves your mood and mindset. It is shown that after one sauna session, their depression decreased 50 percent. It also makes your heart healthier because it brings your blood pressure down to healthy levels that will put you at a lower risk of a heart attack. It improves your immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in your blood. 

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How To Use An Infrared Sauna

As infrared sauna paves the way, it becomes more common among people but before you try it, make sure that you are aware of the things to notice. If you have high blood pressure, are pregnant, have heart disease, or are taking any medications, infrared sauna is not for you. It is also recommended to visit the sauna three to four days a week, but you can see the sauna daily if you are healthy. Going to a sauna with these may cause unhealthy side effects, worsening your state.

To avoid any incidents, make sure to follow these guidelines below:

  • Be hydrated before going into an infrared sauna.
  • Choose the temperature that your body can handle.
  • Always be aware of how long you are inside the sauna, and don’t overstay.
  • Choose proper clothing whenever going to a sauna.
  • While inside, try to relax, meditate and do something that can entertain you but avoid using your smartphones or other devices. Just don’t sleep inside a sauna!
  • After a session, relax and let your body cool down. A bath is preferred after closing the pores and drinking plenty of water as you sweat too much.

Lastly, if you are visiting a public sauna house, please respect their private spaces. Some sauna houses offer food inside, so if you eat, clean as you go so that the next person who will use the room will enjoy it too. 


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