Goodyear Pool Service: Maintaining Your Pool

Goodyear Pool Service: Maintaining Your Pool

Taking care of your pool can be challenging and complicated, especially during busy days. There are times when you can’t take care of it, and most of the time, it takes too much of your time, so it must be better to hire experts than just leave your pools unattended.

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Goodyear Pool Service: Cleanliness

Cleanliness is first and foremost in almost anything that humans do. In pools, especially, it’s essential to ensure that it is clean as cleanliness is directly related to safety. To maintain your comfort, safeguard your equipment, and keep your pool clean and safe for everyone to use, you must clean it regularly. Just like how people take care of themselves, it’s essential to consider your pool’s cleanliness like it’s your own. 

Maintaining the pool and cleaning it properly may extend its life, reduce bacteria development, and delay the need for repairs. In other words, it also prevents extra costs and hassles in the long run. So in the bigger picture, hiring a Goodyear pool service saves your pool a lot more time and many possible costs. To maintain your pool looking fantastic and enjoyable, you should clean and brush it regularly. To maintain your pool dazzling, spend at least five to ten minutes cleaning and brushing it every few days, or hire a trusted pool professional to do it for you.

Weekly Maintenance for Pools

  • Remove any debris from the pool’s surface using a net—anything including leaves, light debris that stays afloat.
  • Brush the pool’s whole surface, including tiled parts.
  • Brush any dirt and debris that hasn’t been removed by the cleaning system manually. Just a follow-up cause cleaning systems are not perfect.
  • Remove the skimmer and pump baskets and clean them.
  • Check the filter pressure to see whether you need to backwash or clean the cartridge.
  • Chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels should all be checked.

Goodyear Pool Service: Maintaining Proper Pool Chemistry

When you say “pool maintenance,” it’s not limited to just cleanliness and hygiene. This also includes maintaining the proper pool chemistry. One key to pool safety is the correct water chemistry. Sanitation and general water balance are the two components at play here. It would be best to grasp the notion of maintaining a balanced pool. This is where Goodyear pool service can help.

Pool water is delicate, and many elements and variables can influence it regularly. In achieving harmony, you aim to maintain the water in a balanced state. When the pH level of the water is between 7.2 and 8.0, where the magic number is 7.5, flat water is reached in the pH range, which gauges the acidic or basic nature of water. The three ingredients in keeping the water balance are as follows.

  • The water’s pH level
  • Calcium hardness
  • Alkalinity 

As mentioned earlier, the pH level should be between 7.2 and 8.0. However, according to some sources, the optimal range for swimmers is 7.4 to 7.6. Maintaining these levels will provide you with balanced and safer water that you and your family can enjoy.

Goodyear Pool Service: The Importance of Maintaining Proper Pool Chemistry

Maintaining and taking care of your pool is not just for formalities’ sake; it affects the users. It’s not only a play, but it is essential in having a pool.

Makes sure that water is safe for swimmers

Swimming in a pool with nasty chemicals is dangerous. Nasty chemicals make it impossible for germs to be eliminated. Thus the water will be teeming with germs, posing an infection risk to swimmers with an open wound, cut, or scratch. If people in general often use the pool, maintaining the properly balanced chemicals becomes critical than ever. If general pool care is performed, swimmers will not be harmed by imbalanced pool chemistry.

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Swimmers’ comfortability

Swimmers will have itchy skin and red eyes if too much or too little chlorine is in the water. This means having too little and too much has undesirable effects, so it’s essential to avoid these extremes and maintain balance. To make the pool comfortable to swim in, pool owners must manage chlorine and water pH.

Managing the water’s alkalinity

The first step in keeping optimum pH levels is taking note that the total alkalinity in the pool water should be balanced as a high alkalinity level will result in a high pH level. 

Proper maintenance of pool equipment

Maintaining correct levels also protects your equipment from destruction. Corrosion can occur in the handrails, pool ladder, and other pool equipment if the water chemistry is unbalanced. Thus, it may potentially cause damage to the pool liner. Corrosion of this type can lead to the pool’s most vital components being damaged. Quality pool care from skilled pool service companies is required to avoid replacing your pool equipment regularly.

Make sure the chemical additives are working correctly

It’s also crucial to check the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the pool water. The TDS works by detecting the number of undissolved minerals in the pool water. Undissolved minerals are present in all pools, but the higher their concentration, the more difficult it is for chemical additions to maintain the pool clean and free of hazardous microorganisms.

Adding stabilizers to make sure chlorine lasts longer

Chlorine disinfects the water in the pool. A pool stabilizer will let this chemical stay in the water for longer, allowing it to perform its cleaning correctly and effectively. However, if the stabilizer levels get too high, additional water should be added to restore the balance. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind that just because your pool has a suitable pH measurement right now doesn’t imply that it will be the same 30 minutes after. pH is inherently unstable, and anything that comes into contact with your pool water has the potential to alter the pH level. And so, a well-balanced pool must contain a sufficient quantity of alkalinity, which gauges a water’s capacity to endure pH variations; hence, balance is crucial; more on alkalinity later. Knowing these elements can be challenging, but it should be easier with the help of your local Goodyear pool service.


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