How to work with outsource game development company?

How to work with outsource game development company?

When you are looking for an outsourcing company to develop your product, there are a few things that you will have noticed. To help you navigate, we’ve put together a guide on how to outsource.

Step 1. Do Your Research

It’s best to start with yourself. Have a clear idea of what will be required of you in this project. This will help you in your research as you start looking into potential outsourcing companies. To communicate more effectively during your first inquiries or discussions, be prepared. Write down your requirements and have mockups of your product ready. When talking to potential companies, use your layouts as a guide to point out exactly where you need their expertise. Chances are, your product will also need a custom flow, so have it handy.

Step 2. Explain Your Purpose And Vision

After you have started a conversation with one or more outsourcing companies, share your goals and vision. It may seem that this step can be skipped, especially since you can count on very prompt intervention from the outsourcing team, but experience shows that it is worth taking the time to tell about your product from this side too.

Talk about what you want to achieve with your product and what problem it solves – these are your goals. Then move on to the bigger picture – your vision. This is a great time to share the inspiration behind the product.


The main challenge behind sharing your goals and vision is to be able to properly accept and motivate the outsourcing team when the time is right. If you see the value of your product, then they should. Share what drives you and be honest in your communications.

Step 3. Discuss Technical Issues With the Development Team

Typically, most outsourced software development companies have a development team that handles all the initial communications and is ready to answer any questions you may have. If you feel that there are some technical aspects that you would like to cover, do not hesitate to ask for a meeting with the CTO. This will be helpful as it gives you the opportunity to discuss technical specifications and the coding, tooling and software capabilities of the company you are considering to outsource game development – Whimsygames, for instance.

Step 4. Consider Pricing Options

This part is intuitive, since a few of the product developers have ever had the money down the drain. So yes, you will focus on the budget throughout the development process. However, consider equally the quality of your product and the level of service that the outsourcing team will provide. If a couple of extra dollars saves you a headache, bad communication, or worse, a bad launch – surely worth it!

Compare the scores you get from different teams to make the best decision. But more importantly, don’t just compare the total. Better understand how each company came up with their proposed prices. Pay attention to the cost breakdown and don’t be intimidated by what seems like a high number at first. Just make sure you know what this figure is and why.

Step 5. Be prepared to listen to opinions and suggestions

Talking and in some ways even consulting with someone outside of your project is helpful, even if you end up not working together. An objective fresh perspective can often shed light on points you might want to clarify in your layout, goals, or user flow. During a telephone conversation, you may find that some of the questions about your product are still difficult to explain or formulate. This is a sign that you need to go back and simplify exactly what your product is trying to achieve, or what you are asking the development team to do.


Pay attention to how they see the development cycle of the product development, what technical stack they are going to use and why it is justified.

Step 6. Request a Paid Trial Job

Now that you have found common ground with the outsourcing team, ask for a trial assignment. This will help you see the quality of the work and will serve as another incentive for the company. An example of what you might ask for might be preparing a project plan, technical architecture, or UI / UX for one page. Choose the assignment according to the type of service you need. This will give you a much better understanding of how the team works, communicates and collaborates.


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We hope this article has provided you with a better understanding of what and how outsourcing software development can help you with your product. By outsourcing software development to a competent development team, you can enrich your project with talented employees, quality codes and fast development.


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