Can I File a Lawsuit in California After A Slip And Fall Accidents?

Can I File a Lawsuit in California After A Slip And Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents are not new in California. Most people have either experienced this accident at one time or another in California. From wet floors to slippery stairs, there are many factors that may result in this type of accident. 

Injuries resulting from such incidents can be expensive to treat, and as a result, you need to file a lawsuit so that you can get compensated. Also, these injuries may hinder you from being productive at the workplace. To recover from such damages, one needs to file a lawsuit and sue the responsible parties for their negligence. The information below takes a closer look at how one can file a lawsuit in California following a slip and fall accident.

Considerations to make before filing a lawsuit in California

As you intend to file a slip and fall lawsuit in California, there are some considerations that you should make. First and foremost, there is a statutory timeline during which you ought to have filed your lawsuit. As we speak, there is a 2-year statute of limitation on such cases. Therefore, you need to file your claim within a period of not more than 2 years since the accident took place. However, if one did not realize the injury immediately, they have up to one year from the date they discovered the injury to make a claim.

On the other hand, if the affected person was a minor, the statute of limitation is quite different. Here, such individuals will have to reach the age of 18 and then make a claim. Ideally, they should make a claim within a period of 2 years from the date they reached the age of 18 years. 

If the parents have already made a claim on their behalf, the affected minors will not be required to make another separate claim. With these details at hand, you can now go ahead and file a lawsuit in California. 

Take photos as soon as possible

If you have to file a lawsuit in California after a slip and fall, there is a need for you to take photos of the incident as soon as possible. Gathering this evidence will help prove that you indeed encountered an accident, and you need to be compensated. Although this may be difficult at that moment, you can try or have someone take photos of the scene from different angles before leaving. In addition, take photos of your injuries before and after leaving the hospital. 

Hire a slip and fall attorney

With the proper evidence in place, it is very crucial to hire a slip and fall attorney. The legal adviser might insist on getting more evidence so that you can win that case. Remember that the court relies on facts, and the photos you will show will be part of the facts that can help you get fairly compensated. Besides this, the attorney will represent you in a court of law and ensure that he follows up on your insurance claims. Some of the compensatory damages that you can expect to get include lost wages, lost earnings, medical bills, pain and suffering, and so much more.

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Although you can file a slip and fall lawsuit in California, there are several things that you should do in order to maximize your success rates. From getting witnesses to hiring an attorney who is experienced in these cases, these are just some of the steps that can help you get started. Consider them today and you will get the much-needed compensation for the damages caused. 


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