How to Stop a Mask from Fogging Your Glasses?

How to Stop a Mask from Fogging Your Glasses?

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision,” said Helen Keller.

This is one of the most common problems faced by all medical professionals and anyone who wears glasses and also the mask. To prevent your glasses from fogging here are few tips that can work for you.

Get a mask that fits you:

Get a mask that perfectly fits you and can securely cover your nose.

When you wear glasses over your mask that has a nose bridge, it will prevent the warm air through your nose from exiting up to your glasses.

Many masks that do not have a nose bridge can make your glasses foggy because of the warm air coming from your nose move directly from the glasses when your mouth and nose are covered. You can also make your own mask by creating a better fit according to your nose.

Add soap and water:

This is the trick that is all over the internet in the current period. Most of the healthcare professionals are using this method for a long time.

You just need soapy water and a soft cloth. In the technique, you just have to wash your lens with soap water and place them to dry or clean them with a soft cloth. This is a successful method because the soap leaves a thin layer on the lens when you clean it and that layer acts as a fog barrier.

Use your glasses to seal the top of the mask:

This is a simple technique that does not need any additional things.

If you pull your mask higher to your nose then try to use your glasses to seal the mask and shape it to your face. Place the glasses on the top of your mask that is over your nose and make sure that they do not slide.

If you make your glasses fit into your mask, it will prevent the warm air from escaping the top of the mask, and this will help you to save your glasses from being foggy.

Tape it down:

If you want a better method than the above ones then you can tape down your mask around the bridge of your nose and cheeks with sports or medical tape. But remember not to use duct tape or anything similar that is not suitable for skin.

Try to shop around for other solutions:

If all these methods do not work for you, try to find something online or in any store. You can find few different types of wipes and sprays that are mainly designed to tackle foggy glasses. But first, check if your glasses have any protective coating and if the ingredient of the spray will damage your lens coating or not. If you are buying something online always ensure from product reviews.

There are some masks that come with a nose grip that can prevent your glasses from being foggy, one such mask is the UVMask, made by a Canadian company called UM Systems, which develops light and laser products for healthcare. The UVMask is an all-in-one mask that contains an external shell, an N95-grade air filter, and then a third layer it calls the “sterile vortex.”


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