How To Select A Substance Abuse Treatment Center: 10 Things You Should Look For

How To Select A Substance Abuse Treatment Center

If you or someone you know is currently suffering from substance abuse, there are solutions. You’ll want to find the best substance abuse treatment center that will be essential for your progress. It can be a challenge depending on how many are in your area.

There are options that exist in terms of the kind of treatment you or someone may need. We’ll discuss them further in this guide. The good news is that finding a treatment center is a step in the right direction. It signals your intent that you or someone is considering their lives for the better without substances.

Let’s talk more and go over the list of things to look for in a substance abuse treatment center.

Know your goals and needs

It’s always a good idea to know what your goals and needs are for rehab. That’s because there are different treatment centers focused on a certain issue such as substance abuse. Another thing is to know what your goals are.

How long would you consider sobriety a success? 6 months or a year? It’s up to you and your support system to decide that.

Know your rehab options 

As mentioned, you have rehab options that you can choose from. You have specialties for substance abuse such as alcohol or drug addiction. You can also choose inpatient versus outpatient.

If you are looking for a higher success rate, inpatient options are considered to be the best option. Yet, it may be the most expensive option. Outpatient treatment may be more cost effective, but the success rate is usually low.

Amenities for a facility can also be a plus as well. The more available, the better.

Length of program

The length of the program will depend on your goals. At most, the shortest time a treatment program takes is 30 days (while the longest is 90). It’s highly recommended that most people should undergo a program that is a minimum of 60 days for the purpose of effectiveness.

Keep in mind that you have your own options to consider. This can include your commitments to your finances, family, and work. Decide which program length will be the best option for you in an effort to achieve your goals and make your treatment a successful one.


The location will be the next important option. The closer you will be to a facility, the better. Most of the time, proximity will play a role in such an option.

No one wants to travel far for regular treatment. Even family members may not want to make a long distance trip just to visit someone who is currently being treated for substance abuse. If you or someone you know has a strong relationship with their support system, close proximity is a plus to bolster that connection.

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Indeed, substance abuse treatment will come with a cost. The longer the treatment, the higher the cost. The good news is that most of these can be covered by insurance (private or through the Affordable Health Care Act).

Also, there are other options such as Medicaid and Medicare or self-funding. If possible, you can always take out a loan to cover the cost of your treatment. However, this might not be the smartest option assuming a person is in financial trouble due to their addiction.

Have a consultation with a treatment provider

If you are looking at treatment facilities, a treatment provider can provide you with a consultation. They can discuss your options and whether it meets your needs and preferences. You can do your research online since most of them will have websites.

You can also be able to make an appointment not only for a consultation, but also to check out the facility and determine if it’s the right place for you.

What kind of credentials do they have?

When researching facilities, it’s always a good idea to see what kind of credentials they have. This can include anything from The Joint Commission or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. These are organizations that provide accreditation to rehab centers that have met industry standards and have proven results, value, and quality.

If they do not have these accreditations, it may be a wise move to avoid such facilities. Furthermore, you’ll want to see if any of the treatment providers are licensed with your state or jurisdiction. They must also need certification in order to offer services online such as Facebook or Google (through advertising).

Whose on the team?

Inpatient treatment programs will provide you with a number of people that will help you get the help you need. These include your nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, spiritual counselors, and more. 

The more people on the team, the more robust your treatment plan is. It’s good to have one of each on a team. However, it may be a red flag if you see someone that may be wearing ‘too many hats’.

What results have they produced?

One thing is for sure, results matter. That’s why it’s important to find reviews and testimonials of patients who have been treated at the facility you’re interested in. If the results are solid and top notch, that can give you enough confidence that you may achieve the same results.

Also, you’ll want to be wary of which testimonials are real. You can check out places such as Google or any trusted site for any detailed reviews past patients have made. If need be, reach out to someone that has been treated there to get the real intel on what to expect.

Is it mixed or focused on a certain gender?

Finally, you can decide if a treatment center is mixed gendered or focuses on men or women only. Choose the option that you are most comfortable with. For example, if you are a woman you can choose a rehab facility that caters to females only so you can get specialized support.  


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