7 Fun ideas to celebrate a child’s birthday

7 Fun ideas to celebrate a child's birthday

On average, a study suggests that American parents spend up to US$ 30,000 on party celebrations between the 1st to 21st birthdays of their children. And while the source did not share the survey data, if that stat is even remotely true, they are a huge investment. Of course, they give good returns, the memories. But the good returns can be a great return, great memories. Yes, if you work on the fun and thrill part, you can make a great return on your investment. 

Scroll down to discover the seven fun ideas to celebrate your child’s birthday this year. 

1. How about “no party”?

Before you go full bonkers, hear me out. Every year, you throw a big party and gather acquaintances to create a memorable birthday. However, what if you can take your family on vacation — like camping, a day out, flying somewhere, or spending a day in a local hotel. Yes, almost all sound like crazy ideas because you might already be doing all these. Nevertheless, hosting a party like every year doesn’t sound fun either. The guest list might grow bigger; you might add more cuisines on the menu and whatnot, but what’s new about hosting a birthday party. 

You can try going out and spending an entire day or week with the family somewhere else. One of the best examples is in Modern Family, every year — Jay’s birthday is celebrated on trips, which makes them beautiful and memorable. So, follow your instinct and think of ideas of what you can do other than the birthday party. 

Of course, do not try to add fun elements, like keeping it a surprise and then startle your child on his birthday. 

2. Scavenger Hunt 

Have a big gift? I remember giving my little one his favorite sniper from the Tac Toys Gel Blasters, by arranging a scavenger hunt. And man, did he enjoy it. He still reminisces about that day. 

Plus, how about building a family bond with the age-old scavenger hunt? Yes, building a series of tasks for everyone in the family is the best way to bring out the banter and enjoy the rude comments. Because guess what? Once someone wins the game, the rest of the family will be crazy and ask for more. 

Moreover, you can arrange a scavenger hunt combined with the above idea. For instance, if you are taking a day out, you can plan the tasks in parks. Additionally, you can find indoor scavenger hunt ideas on the internet and plan something along the line to keep it safe. 

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3. Surprise Movie Marathon!

Is your kid into movies? And did your child get to complete all the movie series liked by children — The Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Star Wars — there are numerous golden series that you can use to surprise your little one on the movie marathon night. 

4. First Birthday Time Capsule

Another fun way is to ask the guest to write little notes about your child and leave them in a box. You can add personal things, photos, or maybe something they love (be hideous, it will make them happy later). You can just hide the box for a year and then turn the box to them on their next birthday. Without a doubt, they will cherish the box after being hit with nostalgia. Of course, this is more like planning for next year’s birthday surprise. But you can include this activity in this year’s birthday party to make the coming up more memorable. 

5. Ask Them! 

Just ask your children what theme or what they might like for their birthday. The best thing about children is they have a crazy imagination. And that imagination is enough to fill the birthday with the thrill and excitement you are looking for. Moreover, you can also suggest ideas and see if they want to pursue and go with your idea. For instance, if the idea of a little family vacation sounds cool to the children, there is no harm in planning one. At the same time, they might just want to spend time with the family. It is the best thing you can do when hosting a birthday party. 

6. Throw a Birthday Feast. 

Who doesn’t like food? Yes, so throw the biggest feast possible. I remember throwing a seven-dinner meal — hors d’oeuvre, soup, appetizer, salad, main course, dessert, and mignardise —  to the guest once. Food brings out good memories, stories, and dinner table conversations. And what’s better than sitting and chilling, enjoying old stories, and having a night-long conversation with the people you love. 

7. Bake the cake together 

Adding a little bit of personalization to the processed goods has its own merits, but baking the cake together takes the entire thing to another level. 


In my personal opinion, no party remains the best idea if you haven’t had something like that before. And even if you did plan something along that line before, why not another one. I say that because parties are overrated. Nevertheless, if you want to go with the classic parties, consider the ideas mentioned. For instance, you are throwing a feast, especially if your family members like food. Moreover, the movie marathon is another winner — but ensure to bring everyone in the family for the movie marathon. Or the best thing, you can ask the birthday angel and see what they want. 


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