How To Configure Routers for Network Extender?

How To Configure Routers for Network Extender?

You’re more likely to have a corner of your house or apartment that your standalone router doesn’t cover. You don’t have to sit there and mope over your interrupted Netflix binge since you can do something about it. The Wi-Fi data signal can be plucked out of thin air and retransmitted to different house sections by converting an outdated router into a Wi-Fi extender. To extend Wi-Fi coverage to previously unreachable locations, you can turn an old network into a Wi-Fi extender. Don’t anticipate Wi-Fi miracles even when it costs practically nothing to do so.

Look For a Router That is Compatible With Your Device

Make sure your router can be turned into an extension or repeater by consulting the manual if you happen to have an old one lying around. There is an alternative method if the router’s firmware doesn’t support functioning as a repeater or extender. Check who may use open-source firmware on the router (like DD-WRT). If so, you may extend your network using your old router. 

Be wary of 802.11b and g routers, as they have a reduced maximum bandwidth, which causes delays in your network. Put your fingers on the keyboard and crunch the numbers: If your extender can only deliver 11 or 54 Mbps at its maximum, you’ll be wasting a lot of your 100 Mbps connection. You’ll need a router with 802.11n or ac support. AiMesh routers from Asus may connect to form a mesh network. It’s possible to set up a wireless mesh network in your home with one of the AiMesh-capable routers from Asus, which enable the utility. However, you’ll need to install the new firmware to get it to operate.

Reset Preferences and Update Firmware

How To Configure Routers for Network Extender?

We used a Cat5 jumper cable to connect the R7000 to our network, and then typed “” into the address bar of our browser to access the router’s login page. For example, the address may be used by other router manufacturers. See the graph below to learn more about your router’s specifications. Admin/password is the most popular combination for many Netgear routers, but additional combinations exist, including admin, default, 1234, and password. 

If any of the defaults don’t work, who may usually find the right passwords on product support pages from the manufacturer or on sites such as and If you can change your password to something more secure as soon as possible. A hard restart will erase all of the data on the router if you’ve forgotten the new password you’ve set up for it. Press and hold the reset button for 15 or 20 seconds to restart your router.

Configure a Static Internet Protocol (IP) Address

The repeater needs static IP address, which can be challenging to enter. Because it is part of the network’s architecture and not a customer or printer, I like to designate it as Static IP addresses are written on paper and attached to the router for future reference. They are nearing completion. The router utilises the subnet mask to determine whether a network segment and a client are local or distant. 

On the same window as the Internet address you just set, you’ll find this information in the router’s administration programme. A subnet mask of is the most prevalent and should not be altered.

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Continue with 5ghz

Repeat the previous steps in the 5GHz part of the R7000, which is a dual-band router. Click on Apply when you’re finished. The router should reset and start acting like a Wi-Fi extender within a few minutes.

Make Sure You’ve Checked Your Work

Who must now set up your extender? To get the best Wi-Fi coverage, choose a location with an Electrical outlet that is about midway between the network’s gateway and the area you want it. There are a lot of details to consider while locating the optimal location for your router, but the goal is to discover the exact area where your measurements are the most accurate. 

Connect a laptop, tablet, or phone to the extension and see whether you can connect to the Internet. Then use to see how much bandwidth you have available. If an AC outlet isn’t in the ideal location, you’ll need to experiment, make many mistakes, and possibly use an extension cord. A good site for the R7000 extender was around 60 feet from the basement’s router, and it took me about 15 minutes and four tries to find it.

How Do I Join My Wi-Fi Router to My Computer?

Before reading on, you should already know which router is best for your home. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little less expensive, check out our list of the best budget routers, which includes our top picks for around $100. Check out our games routers guide if you’re seeking the quickest possible pipe to enjoy video gaming. PC Labs’ wireless router tests suite is included in each of our buyer’s guides, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the most up-to-date information.


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