How do I share links on Instagram? A brief guide

How do I share links on Instagram?

Instagram is the second most widely used social platform behind Facebook. In the beginning, it was considered an excellent social platform for sharing photos. But today, there’re a large number of influencers using Instagram, with a massive number of followers, to drive traffic to their web pages. 

Don’t lose heart; you can become an influential brand too. However, you will need to post the right content to get in touch with your current followers while also getting new ones. If we come to other social platforms, we can see a lot of spam content in the caption of Instagram posts and comment section. 

Due to this, Instagram does not allow us to share clickable links in the caption of posts. So, what should we do to share links on Instagram? In this post, you will find the different ways to share links on Instagram. Are you ready? Well, let’s start. 

Ways to Share your Links on Instagram

Here are different ways you can use to add your links on Instagram. Let’s take a quick look at the following methods one by one.  

1#: Add a link in your Bio section

While scrolling through Instagram, you might have seen the phrase “link in bio” that refers you to click on the person icon and jump into the bio section to find a clickable blue link, and that’s Link in Bio Instagram. This is the simplest way to add a link on Instagram, and this is the only place where anyone can place a clickable link. 

How do I share links on Instagram?

In other words, we can say this is your “home link” that’s there for anyone who happens to see your profile. Of course, thoughts can be different on the best strategy for bio link. Some brands link to their web pages, and some update their link regularly to direct users to their new uploaded content. 

You can quickly put a clickable link in your bio by just heading to profile, tap “edit profile.” Paste your desired link into the website section and click save changes. When some clicks, they will be redirected to what you want to show. When you make a post, don’t forget to write in the caption to tell the audience to visit your profile for the relevant link. 

2# Use the Instagram link in Bio tools

Wouldn’t it be nice to make the best possible use of this single link in bio Instagram? Of course, it would be great if it is possible to get more from this single link. So, I highly recommend you use the Instagram link in bio tools to create personalized landing pages. Linktree, LinkBook, Shorby, and Campsite are the most famous examples.

Let’s take a look at LinkBook. This bio tool is 100% free to use, allowing users to create their landing pages to host their content on one page. We know you have many business links you want to promote, such as links for websites, product pages, etc. 

LinkBook provides premium features at zero cost. These features include animated links, scheduled links, media embedding, custom domains for landing pages, advanced link tracking, and many more. Above all, it also provides integrations with Mailchimp, Google analytics, and Facebook pixel. 

Similarly, Linktree allows you to build a unique link to host your collection of links. It’s free to use, but unfortunately, it doesn’t provide custom domains. That’s why Instagram is continuously marking Linktree links as spam. 

3#: Add Swipe-up Links to your Instagram Stories

Swipe-up links are an easy and beneficial way of driving traffic to your website. For example, I know you have tried many times to direct your Instagram audience to your link in bio so that they can access the latest content you recently updated. But unfortunately, you didn’t get a healthy response from the audience. 

On the other hand, engaging your audience is much easier with swipe-up links. When you add a swipe-up link to your Instagram story, the audience can swipe up to access your desired link without leaving the Instagram app. Swipe-up is an easy and essential tool for any business strategy. 

This feature is not for everyone; only those are allowed to use who meet the following requirements. 

  • Have a business account and 
  • Have over 10000 followers


  • Must have a verified profile (a blue check beside the profile)
4#: Pay to promote your Links

If you have an Instagram business account, you can pay to promote Instagram posts and stories. This can help you add clickable links in the caption of Instagram posts. So yeah, you can add clickable links to your Instagram posts as long as you pay for them. 


Right now, one of the biggest challenges that brand influencers face is sharing links on Instagram. New methods are being invented, tested, added, and depreciated. There’re many ways to share links on Instagram. However, the ways mentioned above are the most popular and proven. What do you think? Which of these ways do you use to share links? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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