How Can I Learn Tajweed Quran?

Tajweed Quran

Tajweed is an Arabic word that means to do something well. Jayyid and tajweed quran come from the same root word. When we recite Quran, we obey all the rules and regulations of its recitation. We are giving every letter of the Quran its right. When the Quran was revealed on our Prophet, it was with the rules of tajweed. It is compulsory to read Quran with tajweed. It has become very easy nowadays to learn Quran with tajweed. Academies are offering Online Tajweed Quran courses. These courses can be online as well as physical. They provide a nice environment to learn easily.

Learning Quran at Home:

There are different steps to learn Quran at home. They are:

Reading basics of the Quran.
Do recitation of the Quran.
Learn the Quran with tajweed rules.
Do memorize the Quran.
After memorization, learn Tafseer of the Holy Quran.
Get Ijazah in the Holy Quran.

Time Period to Learn Tajweed:

The time period of learning the Quran with tajweed varies within the different age limits. The children with an age limit of 5-8 years would learn quickly because they have a sharp mind and a strong IQ level. The child with an age limit range from 10-13 years will take 1-2 years to learn Quran with tajweed. It also depends on the time duration that you are giving to it and your interest in learning. The people who are above 13 can learn Quran within 1 year.

Tajweed Encompasses the Important Properties of Holy Text:

While reading Quran with tajweed we encompass many important properties of the Holy book. They are the following:

It gives us proper time to utter syllables.
Our expressions will be clear.
Our Quran reading becomes better.
The relation between the students and the Holy Quran becomes strong.
In tajweed, separate letters will completely change the delivery of the word.
It also gives stress to the spiritual relationship between the person and the Quran.

Reason to Learn Quran with Tajweed:

The main reason to learn Quran with tajweed is to read the Quran and the words of Allah Almighty without any mistake. We want to read every letter as Allah Almighty revealed on His Prophet. We also want to become a better Muslim. It can only be possible when we study the Quran with its true meanings and act upon its advice. Most people love the Arabic language that why they love to learn Quran without any mispronunciations. Learning Tajweed rules are easy. You can do learn them perfectly by joining online classes.

What Students Gain By Learning Tajweed Quran?

Tajweed is a beautiful way to learn Quran correctly. The students who learn tajweed will gain the following benefits:

The students will gain the knowledge to pronounce each letter with its characteristics.
Understanding of rules changing due to different orders of letters.
Focus repetition will enhance the development and exercise of the tongue rolling on every letter.
It also enables students to understand the science of linguistics on the back of each letter.

Online Learning Goals:

The students who learn the Holy Quran online will set some goals. They are:

Learning foundations of tajweed.
The connecting and cutting Hamzah.
The Mushaddadah of Noon and Meem.
The rules of Madd.
To speak Alif and to remain silent.
Learning to forbid two Saakins to meet.
Rules of pronunciation of Makhaarij.
Rules of pronunciation of Sifaat.
Letter Raa will observe Tafkheem and Tarqeeq.

Information About Tutors:

The tutors who are giving online classes to the students are experienced and well trained. They try their best giving a lecture to their online students. The degrees that are required to be a tutor are:

Bachelor’s degree in history and Islamic studies.
Bachelor’s degree in Arabic and Islamic studies.

Methods of Learning Tajweed / tajweed quran rules:

In the older days, there is no need to learn tajweed because the people were Arabs. They are experts in their language. Non-Arabs mixed with the Arabs, the need to learned tajweed arises. There is a simple and easy method of learning the Quran with tajweed. First, you have to find a tutor who is an expert in giving classes on tajweed. He will listen to you and pick out your mistakes and correct them. You can also learn tajweed by listening to recitations with tajweed on the tapes. You have to enhance your pronunciation skills by practicing with the recitation in the Tape. The rolling of the tongue the pronunciation of letters from the throat should be practiced.

Basic Level to Learn Tajweed:

Some of the basics and beginners level to learn tajweed is:

Gaining introduction about the tajweed science.
Understanding the value of learning the Holy Quran.
Avoiding mistakes while learning the tajweed rules.
Learning of the point of articulation of letters.
Learning of the features of the letters.



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