How a Noida School Adapted to Virtual Schooling?

Noida school

Virtual Schooling

The Virtual School became the “new normal” for millions of students across the world during the pandemic in 2020. Since then school has taken a different form entirely; Now children do not make an excuse of not going to school as everything is just a few clicks away. Teachers and students can meet, discuss; students can attend the virtual classroom, submit assignments and participate in extracurricular activities, etc everything in real-time face to face.

When COVID-19 caused disruption to learning, Global Indian International School – A Noida school –  was the first school in India that quickly transitioned to Virtual School, minimizing loss of study time. In just 3 days, GIIS was able to offer a Virtual Classroom facility to over 15,000 students across the campuses worldwide. Management and faculty worked diligently to provide an improved quality of education through the virtual classroom.

GIIS has always been incorporating leading-edge educational technology for the benefit of its students. Students had to login into the MyGIIS portal (EduERP system developed by GIIS R&D) through a link and attend their regular subject-wise classes online and even the extracurricular activities. The virtual classrooms were designed so that students of any age group from 5 years to 18 years could easily operate them.

While the initial decision to shift to online was for safety reasons but Virtual Classrooms are resulting in unparalleled benefits that are not limited to the present COVID – 19 situation;  there are many other benefits that have been helping both students and teachers

Allows Learning Remotely 

Because of Virtual Classroom; students are still able to learn from their home, or else the COVID-19 Pandemic situation would have affected the academic years of many students.

Interactive 2-way learning

Virtual Schools take e-learning experiences to another level by making it an interactive two-way communication mode of teaching and learning.


Flexibility in learning, the student can skip a class if they are busy studying another subject for their exam and refer to the recorded lessons at a later time.

Parent Involvement 

Parent Involvement has increased as Virtual classrooms from home help parents to keep an eye on their child’s learning.

Meet other Peers

At GIIS with their global structure, kids get the chance to network with peers from the other side of the world from the comfort of their home leading to the exchange of culture and knowledge across continents. 

The future is unpredictable; we don’t know whether the physical school will start again or not. Due to further surges in the rate of COVID-19 infection; it seems impossible for at least 1 year from now.

A few years ago, the virtual class was not used by any educational institution but it has now become a big part of every student’s life. Virtual Classrooms are slowly but surely progressing on a path to become a permanent part of education. 

School admissions in Noida have already started! What are you waiting for? 


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