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Although at first glance it may seem like one, it is not true. If we take into account only 1D codes (2D are eg QR codes), there are a large number of different types. Some can only number numbers, others even letters or special characters. 

A barcode is an encoding of information through a visual pattern and a receiver or machine that can read said code.

The first thing that we will need will be a barcode scanner, which can be easily purchased in any store dedicated to it, in addition, we will need a computer to connect to the scanning device and reflect the information that it collects.

We will also need a database of products or software to store the information of the scanned product and have a reference to it both in orders and in sales.

BarCode generators are tools for creating barcodes

Within the diversity of types of barcode symbology, the most common that we can achieve with Barcode registration in India are codes:

·        QR

·        UPC-A

·        EAN-8

·        EAN-13

·        Code39

·        ITF

All these types of codes cover product identification, logistics, inventory management, procurement, and advertising. The most useful barcodes are EAN barcodes according to Indian Markets but if you have a business in USA or Canada then the UPC barcodes would be great.

They serve to identify products quickly. Used in shops as part of the purchase process. Both in inventory control and in ordering finished products. It also serves to track products in the warehouse through inventory and invoices to help business accounting.

Advantages of barcodes

·        Speed – very fast data processing. Much faster than manually clicking the mouse or entering data with the keyboard

·        Price – in addition to the initial investment in the reader and computer or software, then the cost is only for paper and ink (printer). But these are negligible expenses

·        Accuracy – the computer reads and stores the information for us, so errors are rare

·        Flexibility and efficiency – performance also increases with speed, you don’t have to waste time checking data with accuracy. In addition, you can use barcodes anywhere, on almost any surface.

EAN Barcodes

The best known type of barcode. It is used by business networks. Numbers from 0-9 can be coded. Each digit is coded with two bars and spaces. It can contain 8 (EAN8) or 13 (EAN13) digits. The first 2 and 3 digits identify the country of origin, the next the manufacturer, then the product itself. The last number is only a check and verifies the correctness of decoding.

Online Barcode Generator

Simple and easy-to-use barcode maker online services that allow you to generate the required number of barcodes. Visually, the service is divided into three parts: selecting the type of barcode, increasing the information that will be hidden behind the barcode image, and finally downloading the resulting image to your computer.

If necessary, you can configure and load the snapshot. You can specify the desired resolution in dots, change the image format, set your own colors, and set the desired angle of inclination, if necessary.


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