5 Tips for Choosing Better Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Tiles provide your bathroom a good look, easy to clean, and hygienic experience. So, it is very important to get things right when choosing tiles for your bathroom. However, when it comes to choosing tiles for your bathroom, one will be faced with a wide range of choices. With thousands of options in shapes, colors, materials are available, choosing one tile for your bathroom can be daunting. Here are 5 tips to help you decide the best tile for your bathroom.

Use Natural and Light Colors

White bathroom wall tiles are always into fashion and look luxurious. Too dark colored tiles can make your bathroom look smaller and congested, especially in the case of small bathrooms. So, try to choose the tiles with light pastel colors or white colors. Well, light colors will be hard to clean but don’t worry, you will do it. Pick one neutral color and for throughout installation. It will make the room look bigger and will be easier to maintain.

A Small Bathroom Needs Small Tiles

Always remember, large-sized tiles make the small area appear smaller. If you have small bathrooms, do not use too large tiles. For your bathroom, mosaic tiles would be a better option. These are small squares of different colors fitted together in contrast to each other. Mosaic looks good on feature walls. For floors or accents, you can use natural stone as well. It will look eye-catching and attractive at first glance.

Go for Low-Maintenance Tiles

Bathroom walls and tiles have more exposure to water, and their cleaning can get harder sometimes. So, it would be better for you to go for low-maintenance options. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are easy to maintain, look elegant, and are water-resistant. If you want to give your bathroom a unique look at a low cost, go for these options. Porcelain tile is comparatively expensive but looks more eye-catching. So, choose the one after considering your budget.

Consider Slip Factor

While choosing tiles for bathrooms, the slip resistance factor should be considered first. The bathroom surface is more likely to get wet, and tiles with less slip resistance can cause slipping. Some people like glass tiles because they are pretty and look great. If you are using these tiles, avoid them on floors, showers, or bathtubs. You can use them on walls.

Play with Colors and Patterns

While choosing tiles for your bathroom, you can play with different colors and patterns. Use a single neutral color for the whole bathroom and use one unique design and colored tile as an accent. This idea will give your bathroom a unique, elegant, and timeless look. Make sure not to go overboard. Too many bold colors and dominant patterns will make the area look messy. So, try to choose the colors and patterns wisely.

Choosing better tiles for the bathroom can be a difficult task because tile installation is not something to be undone easily and quickly. So, take your time and choose wisely. Consider the colors and theme, trending designs and ideas, and last but not least, your budget.


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