Everything you Need to Know About the GEMS Scholarships at GIIS Noida

9 GEMS Scholarships

GIIS Noida prides itself in providing the most beneficial learning experiences to learners. That is just like other GIIS campuses they have integrated the 9 GEMS framework to boost learning, and the experiences pupils have at the school. The framework is meticulously woven into every aspect of life at the school. 

This way, students can get the most out of this teaching approach to balancing academics and extracurriculars. Each design, innovation, and the facility is specially tailored to foster and supplement the teaching methodologies, and the universal values imparted to help shape the learners into well-rounded and responsible global citizens.  

What is the 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship?

This 9GEMS scholarship is a yearly award offered to students in classes 6 to 12 taking the CBSE boards. It’s a talent-based award where meritorious learners can win tuition waiver scholarships that cover anywhere between 10 to 20 percent off their yearly tuition fees. How much your child gets depends on the category they qualified for. For instance, category A recipients get up to 20 percent off on their tuition fees; category B receive 15 percent off while category C receive 10 percent off. To be eligible, your child must receive recognition in any of the 9 GEMS skill areas. 

These include:

  1. Academic excellence, collaborative and project-based learning – this emphasises achieving academic excellence by incorporating the best practices in pedagogy and technology to facilitate learning in a conducive environment. This way, all pupils are exposed to and take part in collaborative, project-based learning and cross-school exchanges to boost their academic outcomes. 
  2. Personality development, Speech and Drama – this is a combination of three 9GEMS: sports, academic and artistic excellence designed to help students develop their personality. 
  3. Digital and Visual Arts – this lets students explore and discover their artistic side so they can express their thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires. This, in turn, helps them express their feelings more easily as well as nurtures creativity, imagination and out-of-the-box thinking. 
  4. Entrepreneurship and leadership development – this GEM nurtures skills through various initiatives such as lectures, training, project and counselling sessions meant to arouse and nurture the leader in students.
  5. Sports, Health and Fitness excellence – through sports, your child can learn the importance of teamwork, dedication, hard work, sportsmanship, perseverance and other character-building values. 
  6. Creativity, Innovation and Problem-Solving – through the GIIS comprehensive creativity development program (CCDP) learners can develop new creative and innovative approaches to solving problems.
  7. Universal values, Ethics and Discipline – this gem focuses on developing learners who are more than their academic profiles; through a well-structured and integrated approach to learning that focuses on community welfare, mutual respect, practising kindness and a need to foster and promote peace. 
  8. Community connection, Care and Conservation – this gem allows students to stay connected to the communities close to them through initiatives such as community responsibility. 
  9. Life skills, Career and Vocational competencies – this gem helps cultivate academic, social and life skills. The skills development program at aGIIS is aimed at teaching students the difference between a career, a vocation and life skills, enabling them to pick life paths that are both meaningful and satisfying.

Application requirements

To apply, submit the application form and the required documents such as academic records for the past one year, certificate, awards or other supporting documents in any of the 9GEMS categories i.e., sport, performing arts, or co-curricular activities

The school will contact successful applicants via email after ten working days with further instructions. If your child is successful, they may be invited for further assessment, a test and a one-on-one interview. The school will contact the final recipients of the scholarship via email and phone to discuss disbursement.  

Since the scholarship is associated with the 9 GEMS framework, it pays to know more about it before applying. If you submit application forms that are incomplete, incorrectly filled or are missing documents, they will reject your application. So, take extra care as you apply. 


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