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Write a detailed review on Email1and1?

Email stands for electronic mail in which electronic devices are used to exchange messages (mails). Earlier users can send emails only to the person who has the same computer. Ray Tomlinson is the developer of electronic mail. He developed email in 1971. Different types of emails are available. These are web-based email, pop3 email servers, IMAP email servers. But in this article, I will explain what is email1and1?

First, I will illuminate it. Email1and1 has a new series, the book of die cuts. Each email contained a quote from a popular writer. In this string, I’ll illuminate the famous writer Louis L’Amour ” old man and sea”. It is not a traditional book for you. But it seems very interesting. Just think a little bit about how interesting it will be. It is his yearly hard work. He was an American writer of great fame. 

Different areas of email1and1.

If we are talking about the areas of email1and1, we found four areas of email1and1 after login. These areas are as follows: first is your “birth date”, the second is your “favorite books”, the third is ” television shows”, and the last one is”music CDs”. First, at the top of the page, you spot your birthday. And the right side contains four buttons, which are (“change now”),(“search”), (“search again”) and (“find”). At the top of the page, you also have an option of changing your favorite books. You can add or evict books in it.

You can also select “New York Times”   instead of your favorite books. After this, you have to click on the “applications” link. This webpage contains three main tabs. Which are “application”,” booking”, and “customer”. These tabs further contain options, such as booking contains”  get tickets” “cancellation”,” reservation”, “payment”, ” virus protection” and “customer service”.

Makeover your email1and1 

You can also makeover your email1and1. It means that you can create an emailing list on the premium custom mailing boxes. When you click ” booking” you find several more tabs. There is an option of creating a list on the left side, viewing your present list, printing, mailing labels, and creating a new list. The tabs you get on the right side are mailing labels, printing, mailing, and sending a check. After logging into your account, you will find the sub-top menu items called “packages”. Some available packages are one-way, two-way, return, express, two ways, prepaid package, bulk, and one-way only. You can select according to your needs. After choosing, click on “create package”. One of the fastest ways to ship packages is one-way shipping. It is the best option for those who only rely on shipping often. You can also go for express mailing and bulk mailings but their prices are very high.

How to create an account on email1and1?

Email1and1 or 1 and 1 internet, It is a German web hosting company. Now it is popular with the name 1and1, 1, and 1lonos or email 1and 1. It is owned by the global internet service (United Internet). The email company not only provides the service of web hosting you can get other different services like webmail, domain, registration, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, SSL certificates, as well as virtual private services. It takes not much time to create an email1and1 account. After the effort of a couple of minutes, you find two options: basic mail and business mail. But you have to pay 1$ for a month to subscribe. And you will get a webmail account. And if you require a domain then you can create a matching email address, it will enhance the popularity of your business. you have to follow the following steps to create an account.

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  1.  First, go to its official web page and click on ” email and office”. 
  2. A dropdown (similar to a list box) will appear on the screen, just click on “professional email address”, 
  3. To continue you need to click on “see packages”.
  4. There are three packages available, mail basic one with 2GB and its monthly price is 1$. The second one is mail basic1+ with 12GB. Its price is 4$ per month. And the last one is the mail business. Its price is 5$ per month.
  5. With each package, you will have to select the domain according to your need. But focus on that one which fulfills your requirements. After this type the domain in the blank and click on check.
  6. After checking, click on ” add to cart” if it is according to your need
  7. Now enter your requirements, make your payment, and your email will be created.
  8. Enter the email address and the password for your email1and1 account.
  9. Now the most important step is to enable security settings and then choose one of these, anti-spam and premium 4rus protection.
  10. Now click on save. This will create your email account on email1and1

How to login to email1and1

If you want to login to email1and1 you need to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, go to the official sign-in page of the email1and1 service by using any browser.
  2. Then enter your customer ID, email address, or domain bounded with email1and1 then enter your password, and click on the “sign-in” option.
  3. Select webmail after logging in you are good to go.

How to reset the password of email1and1.

One of the most common problems, while you are logging into your email1and1 account is that you forget your account password. If you have the above-mentioned problem and want to solve it then you have to follow the following steps. If you properly follow these steps you will reset your email1and1 account password.

  1. Go to the email1and1 website and click on”sign-in” at the top-right corner through any browser.
  2. After the above step, the next page will open, and on that page, you have to click on “forget your password”.
  3. Now enter your customer ID, email address, or the domain connected with your email account, and then click on ” Request new password”.
  4. If you want to receive the password link on your secondary email you have to follow the instructions.
  5. After receiving the link, reset your password with the following guidance.
  6. Re-type your new password to confirm it. You must keep in mind that your new password does not match the old one, and to create a unique password you should use a combination of numbers, special characters, and an alphabet also.
  7. Here is the final step. Click on “reset password” and your email1and1 password will be changed. And now you can log in with a new password.

Important email1and1 setting.

Ahead of the login step, it is important to do the correct settings for the email1and1 account. In this step, I will explain the POP and SMTP settings for your account of email1and1.

Incoming mail setting for email1and1.

Pop settings

  • Account type: POP.
  • Username: in this, you have to enter your email address, for example,(username@yourbusinessdomain.com).
  • Password: enter your account password.
  • Server hostname: pop.1and1.com
  • Server port: 993/995.
  • Required authentication: yes, email1and1 ID and password.
  • SSL/TLS: yes

Outgoing mail setting for email1and1 account

SMTP settings

  • Account type: SMTP.
  • Username: simply write your username.
  • Password: enter your account password.
  • Server hostname: SMTP.1and1.com.
  • Server port:587.
  • Required Authentication: yes, email1and1 and password.
  • SSL/ TLS: yes.

How to keep your email1and1 secure.

If you want to inhibit a situation like hacked or compromised account and want to keep your email1and1 account secure, you need to follow the tips and tricks listed below ;

  1. First of all, make your password more complex. It should consist of at least 12 characters. It will be different to hack by any hacker.
  2. When you are setting a new password for your account, use a mixture of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols because it will make your password more difficult. 
  3. Don’t use your personal information as a password for your account, like your name, your date of birth, phone number, or any other related information because this will make your password easy and have a chance to hack easily.
  4. Don’t reveal your password to anyone.
  5. Don’t set the same password for all your social media accounts.
  6. You have to change your password from time to time if you want to secure your account. 

Email Marketing services

Email Marketing service is one of the most economical ways for small businesses to enhance. Email Marketing is now the basic need for your success. Because email marketing software ensures you that your emails get delivered. A satisfying email marketing service should be used by you to create a highly engaging email. You should be able to send more than one email at the same time it makes a good impact on your work. Besides this, your email marketing service makes it easy to manage your contact list and record the performance of your email marketing campaigns. And the most important thing is a good email service provider makes sure that your spam folder does not end up with an email campaign. Now let’s take a look at some most popular email marketing service providers.

  • Constant Contact

This service is most popular all over the world and the fastest-growing email marketing service. It is very easy to use. Beginners can also use it easily. Your email list, contact, email templates, and marketing calendar are easily handled by this.

  • Sendinblue 

This email marketing software is perfect for SMS and email businesses. This email marketing service is a very fast-growing platform used in Europe. This platform is very easy to use and has outstanding tools to design highly engaging emails. sendinblue gives you a free marketing plan you can send up to 300 emails per day.

  •  Drip 

This platform is a dominant project for e-commerce, bloggers, and digital marketers. They provide a broad range of tools that makes marketing automation very easy.

  • Convert Kit

This email marketing platform is for professionals.

  • Aweber 

This is one of the oldest and popular email marketing service providers. It gives a large range of tools for small and medium businesses.

  • Get response

This is also a very popular and helpful marketing solution.

  • MailChimp

This is one of the most popular email marketing service providers all around the world. Because they give forever free email marketing plans.

Final step.

The final step is that you should sign up for your account from Aweber. It provides a free service and will allow you to manage your email marketing services. When you click on sign up, it will ask you for a username and password, after this, you have to confirm it.

The review of email1and1.

Email1and1 is a new web-based email. The email address search facility allows you to discover people easily and quickly. It is up to you how you use search engines according to your needs. This service is free of cost. Email1and1 review was launched with a paid subscription plan that allows you to search email addresses according to your need. This is the most simple way to find people you are searching for the email address. It makes it easy for you to investigate your employees and deal with clients. If you have some information about any person and you want to know about him in detail, it will give you a detailed report on that person.

Some benefits of email1and1.

Email1and1 is not similar to other email services. You have to pay trivial charges if you want to access it. You will get endless access to the email address search. If you want more access then you have to pay additional charges. You only need to pay once to access the email address search. A prominent advantage you can get from email1and1 is that it updates its database regularly. Another advantage is that you can transfer your searches to any other email address. You can trust that you will get to the point and updated information about any email address. If you have some doubts about any email then you will get accurate information about it by using a private search engine.

IITSWEB is the Chief Business Development Officer at IITSWEB, a Magento design and development company headquartered in Redwood City, California. He is a Member of the Magento Association and an Adobe Sales Accredited Magento Commerce professional. Jan is responsible for developing and leading the sales and digital marketing strategies of the company. He is passionate about ecommerce and Magento in particular — throughout the years his articles have been featured on Retail Dive, Hacker Noon, Chief Marketer, Mobile Marketer, TMCnet, and many others.


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