Eight INSANELY Simple SEO Tips to Rank Your WordPress Websites


How do you rank your WordPress website on search engines?!

That is the biggest question you will face from WordPress developers and bloggers who are new to SEO.

SEO often looks a lot difficult to beginners but it is mostly a game of pattern and strategies. In this article, we will be discussing how to easily rank your website on search engines by following the right tips


Best Ways to SEO Optimize Your WordPress Website

These SEO tips will help you rank your website on search engines by optimizing them properly. But, the first thing you would need on your WordPress website is to…

1.Install an SEO Plugin

What you need to do first on your WordPress website is to install an SEO plugin. The SEO plugin will ensure that you have proper meta titles and descriptions available on it. If the site doesn’t have proper MTs and MDs, it won’t rank in search engines.

Once you have the meta tags available, the site will start surfacing for your desired keywords – even if it ranks in the last 50 listings.

Two of the best SEO plugins that you can use on your site are Yoast and All in One SEO plugin.

Both are great and the best part is that both of them are available for free.

Anyone can optimize their websites with these plugins by adding relevant keywords and ranking them in search engines. That is it.

Once you have added a few SEO plugins on your website, then move to the next step.


2.Add XML Sitemap

Adding Sitemap is the first thing to make search engines know that you have working pages on your website. The sitemap gives a direction to the search engines that the site follows a proper structure. This means when the crawler comes on the website, it will be able to find all the information on the same page. It can then visit all those pages separately and index them in the search engine. XML sitemaps can be added on the website with the help of a plugin, or you can also generate them manually.

Since, you will be writing more blogs or topics on your website, the best way to add an XML sitemap is to generate it automatically using a plugin.


Tip: Hire WordPress development firms to help you properly optimize your website for performance.


3.Do Proper Gap Analysis

Now you need to check how and what type of content your competitors are writing on their website. Find gaps in that content and make your own content better than what is already available.

You can add more content length
Or, you can improve the site performance
Or you can add site assets like graphs, visuals, videos, bullets, and even tables to make your content more appealing to the visitors.


Start with the content length. Now see what type of assets your competitors have used in their content that your website is not using. If you have both included, now it is time to optimize keywords on your content piece.


4.Add Relevant Internal Links

Once your content is properly optimized, make sure that it has relevant internal links available. These links will help knit your website pages closely. So that when a crawler comes on your website, it is able to find all the pages on it easily.

Internal links also help pass link equity. This means if you have more internal links pointing to a single page, Google will automatically think that the said page is a lot more important in comparison with other pages on the site. Hence, it will rank it higher in search engines as well.

Similarly, when people come to those pages through different channels, they can visit other pages available on the same website using the internal links available.


5.Add External Links of Top Pages

How would you like it if someone recommends you for a job? That is exactly the case when someone links to your website. Your links are votes in the eyes of search engines. They are endorsements and you need more endorsements so that others can trust you.

When search engines see that others are linking back to your website, they automatically rank your site higher in the results pages. As a result, you start to get more traffic, more conversions, more profits, and more return on investments!



6.Add SSL Certificate

SSL security is now more important than ever for any website online. No doubt that SSL security has also become of core importance for site rankings. So, if your website is not ranking in search engines, then SSL could be one of the reasons.

When SSL is not installed on a website, browsers add a Not Secure padlock to the website in the search bar.

However, when the website is secure, a green padlock is added to the website in the search bar. This also influences visitors who are visiting the website.

Another reason to have SSL certificates enabled on your website is so that hackers and eavesdroppers don’t steal site data during ecommerce transactions.


Get Ready to Rank Your WordPress Site on Search?

With these insanely simple and easy to implement tips you now have the weapons needed to rank your site higher in search engines.

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