Dropispy and Minea: Similarities and Differences

E-commerce has witnessed a steady rise in competition in the past few decades. Because of the high level of competition, it is difficult to keep ahead of dropshippers and online sellers. This requires constant effort and new marketing strategies.

Dropispy and Minea tools are now available. These tools offer detailed data on ads and other statistics that can be used to help strategize.

Despite their similarity, each interface has its own features and interface. Dropispy vs Minea: Which is better? You can find out the similarities and differences in both tools here to help decide which one is better.

Dropispy & Minea : Common points

The following are some Dropispy notable similarities with minea.

  • Advanced Search & Filtering

Dropispy shares many similarities with Minea, including their advanced search option and filtering option. This feature allows users to search for highly targeted ads according to their preferences and niche.

Dropispy or Minea will allow you to search a variety of ads. This will help you identify what’s popular and not.

Dropispy and Minea offer search filters that can help you refine your search results. This will make your search easier and help you find the information you seek.

Dropispy and Minea have similar advanced search and filtering capabilities. Both tools allow for the search of results by keywords, date range, language, age, and other criteria.

  • Ads Database & Reach

Each tool includes a huge database with data from around the world. Dropispy contains over 50 million ads focusing on E-Commerce. The database is growing daily, with 1,000 new ads each day.

Minea has been a leading source of trendy products. It scans more than 70 million ads per day on social media networks, allowing users to find a wide range of marketing strategies. Dropispy and Minea are both worth trying for their reach and database.

  • Shop Spy Feature

Shop Spy is another feature that both tools offer. The Shop Spy option allows you to spy on competitors and gain insight into their products. You can also observe their marketing techniques.

Doing this will make it easier to compare your competitors’ activities and gain insight about their strategies. You can also simply copy the advertisement and paste it into the account where you have the same product.

Dropispy, Minea and their Shop Spy feature offer similar options. Both tools allow users to search shops by categories and to check out their Alexa ranking to find out how well they perform.

Shop Spy gives you more than just data. You will be able to quickly find out more about the tactics of your competitor or gain firsthand information.

Differences Between Dropispy & Minea

Below are the key differences between Dropispy and Minea.

  • Advertising Channels

Dropispy doesn’t analyze ads on all social media platforms. It only analyzes those that are on Facebook. In fact, This tool will allow you to identify which Facebook ads have the highest effectiveness and most targeted results.

Minea also analyzes ads from Pinterest, TikTok and others, in addition to Facebook. Due to multichannel advertising analysis, you will be able to find the most loved products across all social media channels.

Minea is an excellent tool for discovering trendy products on social media. Dropispy offers a more extensive database if you are interested only in the analysis of Facebook ads.

  • Pricing

Dropispy is different from Minea. Dropispy is available for free when you subscribe to the free Plan, but it has limited functionality. 

This plan doesn’t permit you to use certain filters. You can’t view ads that have been posted in the past two months with this plan. If you choose the Premium plan, however, you will have all the features including advanced filters, Shop Spy, and other options.

You will also get “credits” depending upon whether you have chosen the Dropispy monthly or annual plans. Each month you will get 150,000 credits if you choose the Premium Plan.

You can do as much research as you like with that many credits. Research is possible with or without credit. 

Dropispy also added the credit system in order to stop users from selling or sharing their accounts. Minea offers a Lite plan for free with limited options, just like Dropispy.

Minea Lite gives you the ability to use advanced filters that aren’t available in Dropispy’s free version. Minea offers 250 credits for this plan, which is very low in comparison to Dropispy.

You can purchase more credits with a Premium plan or a Starter plan for €49 per month. The Starter plan has 10 thousand credits, but it only allows you to analyze Facebook ads.

On the contrary, a Premium plan gives you access to Facebook, TikTok, or Pinterest ads and 100 000 credits. Dropispy costs less than Minea.


Dropispy, and Minea are valuable tools to increase conversions and expand your business. Find out what you need, then pick the one that fits your requirements.

Dropispy can provide valuable insight into dropshipping, trendy products, and online stores. Minea is a better choice if your goal is to collect advertising data from multiple platforms that are relevant to your business.

Minea analyzes ads on Facebook, Pinterest, or TikTok. It will show you the most popular products across all social media platforms. Dropispy however, analyzes only Facebook advertisements


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