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PowerCapital Review

PowerCapital is an excellent brokerage firm for traders and investors seeking low-cost options for trading stocks, crypto, and other assets. 

Top Benefits

PowerCapital has much in common with several other brokerage service providers. However, it has some striking attributes that give it an edge over many players in the online trading market. Here are the top reasons why we choose PowerCapital. 

Lower commissions and fees 

PowerCapital seeks to make online trading accessible to all types of traders and individuals worldwide. Thus, they have eliminated most of the standard fees levied by multiple brokers, including account transfer, wire transfer, and checking fees. It allows no-commissions stock, ETF, and options trading. The marginal interest rates are also much lower than the industry average. Those attributes make PowerCapital an excellent choice for small, medium, and large-scale retail and institutional investors. 

Efficient and speedy trade execution 

PowerCapital has a suite of advanced trading tools and technologies to allow users seamless trade executions. The platform also offers traders access to several automated trading systems, market makers, and exchanges. It leverages AI and cloud computing to facilitate efficiency in order execution and other trading functions. 

Robust research and educational resources 

Traders using PowerCapital platforms can also utilize its robust research and educational materials to evaluate market conditions and select suitable investment options. The resources include various learning materials and screeners to help traders to find their following trades easily. Users can access carefully researched articles, infographics, and videos, covering various topics. 

Who is PowerCapital Best Suited for?

PowerCapital is a multi-asset broker that targets all types of traders and investors. It offers a broader selection of investment products, tools, research materials, and other resources, ideal for beginners, active day traders, and long-term investors. PowerCapital’s lower commissions and fees make it an attractive platform for cost-effective investing. The platform is best suited for all types of traders and investors seeking to avoid the huge costs and commissions levied by most brokers. 

PowerCapital Pros and Cons 

PowerCapital has several unique attributes that define its overall trading experience. Please keep the following main pros and cons in mind. 


  • Low commissions, fees, and margin interest rates
  • Excellent trade execution 
  • Extensive suite of research and trading tools 
  • Reliable educational resources 
  • Multiple product offerings 


  • Trading platforms are not accessible in some countries and regions 
  • It does not support live news streaming. 

What Do They Offer?

PowerCapital strives to appeal to all types of traders and investors. Thus, they offer various investment products and access to several global markets. It makes it easier for traders to find the most suitable assets that perfectly complement their investment goals and needs. Thanks to educational resources, even novices can easily make informed investment decisions. The broker’s portfolio comprises the following product offerings. 

  • Stocks 
  • Exchange Traded Funds 
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Forex 
  • Options 

The platform offers stocks of some leading companies and supports multiple currency pairs. Traders also get exclusive access to all the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ether. Besides, the broker consistently updates its list of product offerings to include more assets based on market demand. 

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Trading Platforms 

PowerCapital has a dedicated desktop program, web-based platform, and mobile app that traders can use to invest in the available assets. Among the most striking features of the trading platforms is the innovative order routing technology that facilitates highly efficient order execution. That ensures faster execution speeds even for multiple orders. 

Unlike most trading platforms, the mobile app and web program allow traders to backtest trading strategies. They also support automated trading, but traders must qualify for the feature to use it. Only traders with a stipulated amount of investments on the platform can use the automated trading function. 

Nevertheless, the desktop program, web-based platform, and mobile app still have several other tools and features to make the trading experience fulfilling, such as stock screeners, ETF evaluator, charting, and trading idea generators. 

Are My Investments Safe with PowerCapital?

Unlike traditional stocks, cryptocurrencies and other new asset classes are highly speculative. Trading them could expose investors to various potential risks, including hacking. PowerCapital has enhanced security protocols such as 2FA, biometric authentication, cold storage, and educational resources. However, individual traders and investors should also observe high-security standards, including implementing extra measures to safeguard their assets. Please contact this broker or visit their site for more information. 

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