Different types of women wear in India

Different types of women wear in India

Whenever we talk about the Fashion of India, it is all about colors and different styles. Among all of them, sarees and suits are the common attire worn by Indian women. But the styles in these attires are so much that almost every person will be mesmerized. From regular wear to the part wear pones, you will find a huge variety in the Indian clothes for women in the market.

Here is the list of different Indian wear clothing for women. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Saree: Almost every woman in India must have worn a saree. In certain states of India, the saree is the main attire and it is worn in plenty of styles. In India, there are around 80 existing variations all across the globe. This attire consists of one blouse and an underskirt and a saree is draped around it. now sarees are worn in different modern styles by making some of the adjustments in blouse styles. Saree is one of the most common and most preferred Indian wedding dresses. You will easily find a humongous variety of sarees in the market.
  • Ghagra choli: Some people also know this as lehenga choli which has a short blouse with a long pleated skirt and a dupatta. This is the type of Indian wear which is originated from the Mughal Era. Also, some people think that it is another version of saree. Still, the popularity of the ghagra choli is never-ending in the mind of people. Whenever there is a function at home, girls mostly prefer to wear a lehenga choli. The modern twists given to them add more to the elegance.
  • Salwar suit: One of the most comfortable Indian dresses for women is the salwar suit. It is a combination of salwar, kameez, and a dupatta. The salwar is a loose pleated pajama that is tight from the bottom and you can easily tie it on the waist. As the trend changes, the length of the kameez keeps ad changing. If someone wants to go for a proper ethnic look, they can easily go for a full Punjabi salwar suit which will look great on almost any function. This is the reason; it is one of the most preferred among the Indian dress.
  • Anarkali suit: It is like a long frock flared like a kurta that has tight churidar pants. These Anarkali dresses have got a lot of attention among people recently. Different modern designs have revolutionized the perception of the people towards this type of dress. It is one of the classy and comfortable Indian attire which will look great on different occasions. The person can easily pair it with a cape, jacket, in the form of gown, etc. mostly these are proper fitting till waist and rest the flare comes down.
  • Women’s sherwani: Yes, you hear it right, even women have a lot of variety in the sherwani. The sherwani suits are coming in different styles and fabrics and have gained a lot of attention in the market. if you are more into wearing unique things, Sherwani is the perfect choice of Indian outfits for you. It will make a woman look very classy and elegant while wearing this dress.
  • Indian gowns: Although gowns are inspired by western culture many of the Indian designers have come up with their kind of Indian gowns. Different styles and designs are available in Indian gowns. Ladies can get it designed according to their requirements and liking. Most bride-to-be loves to wear on the main functions of their wedding.
  • Sharara and Gharara suits: Mostly these two are similar-looking bottoms with just mirror differences, so many women get confused in it. both of these were originated from the Mughal era and mostly worn by Muslim brides. This type of suit has a bottom, kameez which might vary in length, and a dupatta. The ghararas are well-structured pleated pants whereas the shararas are the loose-fitted bottoms. Women can easily get the best designs and fabrics which will make it a great option for wearing on special occasions.

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