What to do on Red skin Island

The Andaman and Nicobar island is a mixture of around 572 islands, being the biggest gathering of Islands, which additionally turns out to be a piece of the Indian Continent. Of these 572 islands, just 36 are occupied by people while the excess 536 islands are totally uninhabited. However, many of them are major tourist attraction regardless of having no human populace. The individuals can visit the island to bring in cash through the travel industry and by assisting sightseers with various water sports exercises. 

One of these scarcely possessed islands is the Red Skin Island, situated inside the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, directly close to the Jolly Buoy Island. Albeit the last is substantially more mainstream than the previous, the Red Skin Island has its own appeal and exercises inside it to make it stand apart from the Jolly Buoy. During the rainstorm, the Jolly Buoy Island turns out to be very hazardous for voyagers, which makes Red Skin Island, the following most ideal choice to visit in this season. 

The Red Skin Island inferred its name because of the plenitude of red corals coating the seaside space of the island. The ocean water seems ruddy because of these corals and can be best seen on a glass floor boat, which make the excursion to this island advantageous. The island is small and has a very thin seashore which can be advantageously reached by means of a wharf from Wandoor, which is just 40 minutes from Port Blair.

 The principal pier leaves at 10 am and in the event that you are visiting the Andaman during the pinnacle vacationer season, a visit to the Red Skin Island isn’t suggested, since it turns out to be incredibly packed because of the plenitude of guests. 

The most suitable chance to go on an outing to Red Skin Island is the slow time of year, despite the fact that during the rainstorm you can stay away from the searing sun and unnecessary stickiness, yet the outing will not be charming if the island is packed. So to make it simpler to skim through this little and stunning, uninhabited island, and appreciate the red corals, is to guarantee that there are scarcely some other guests during that season. 

5 Must know things about Red Skin Island for sightseers 

Close by Airport or How to reach: We are beginning with this, since to encounter the delights and imprudences offered by a spot, you need to reach there securely. So the closest Airport to the Red Skin Island is obviously the Vir Savarkar Airport, that is around 3.3 km from Wandoor, close to Port Blair. 

Close by Places To Stay 

The Red Skin Island, albeit little, has a few agreeable spots to remain in, with the goal that vacationers can go through at any rate a day at the spot on the off chance that they expect to. Coming up next are the lodgings and resorts accessible close by with their good ways from the Wandoor Jetty region. 

Rose Valley Port Blair Island Retreat situated around 5 km away from Wandoor 

Inn Shompen, about 4.8 km away 

Inn Shreesh, around 4.3 km away 

Inn Diviyum Manor, which is about a 2.9 km drive from Wandoor 

Exemplary Regency, which is the nearest, arranged a good ways off of 2.6 km 

Close by Places To Eat 

The Island has numerous eateries, serving the neighborhood indulgences and complete cooking styles with an assortment of different foods and ocean depths. The greatest benefit of these diners is that they are completely situated inside the Red Skin Island. A portion of the mainstream ones are recorded here: 

Full Moon Café 

Beacon Residency 

Cold Spicy 



Close by Places To Shop 

Although the island is little, it actually has a couple of nearby shops and a business opportunity for neighborhood clothes and adornments for sightseers, some of which are situated on the island while some are at Wandoor. The rundown of where you can enjoy shopping are as per the following: 

Sagarika Government Emporium- For those with an affection for nearby relics and frill, shells and conches 

Government Emporia- With limitless nearby adornments, clothes promotion ancient rarities 

Aberdeen Bazaar-  Located about 5.4 km from Wandoor, this is the nearest business center to the Red Skin Island

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Close by Places To See 

There are a few places that can be visited effectively subsequent to investing some energy at the white sandy sea shore of the Red Skin Island and its perfect corals. These spots are effectively open from this island and can be reached through the pier as they are situated on the encompassing islands. 

The verifiable Cellular Jail which is just 6.2 km through the wharf 

The mainstream Jolly Buoy Island, which is scarcely a couple of meters from the Red Skin 

The Ross and Smith Islands that is only 7 km by means of the wharf 

The stunning Anthropological Museum, found just 5.1 km through pier 

The daring, North Bay Island a good ways off of 5.6 km 

Albeit the Red Skin Island itself, might not have adequate attractions, aside from the limited stretch of the sea shore and the red corals, the island can clearly be a center point for vacationers to hold up in and travel to different areas of the Andaman and Nicobar Group of Islands, advantageously at a truly sensible cost. So don’t pass up this island on the off chance that you love the quietness, harmony and calm of uncrowded, virgin spots.


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