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Have you ever contemplated what you would do if you lost your car keys or key fob device? How distressing would it be if you realized you left your car key locked in the car? What would you do if a car key broke or you simply wanted to get a couple of duplicates in case of an emergency? All of these occurrences are something about which you should be concerned. Why? The truth is you probably don’t have the knowledge or tools you would need to resolve your own car key-related issues.

Your First Call Should Be to a Professional Locksmith

If something were to go wrong with your car keys, you could attempt to resolve the issue on your own. The problem with that approach would be the risk of you creating collateral issues because you don’t really know how to proceed. How should you proceed? The best solution will always be to contact a professional locksmith service for assistance. A car locksmith is a trained professional that specifically deals with car keys and fobs.

What they have that you don’t have is the knowledge and training that’s required to handle complex car key issues without creating additional problems. They also have access to all of the right supplies and tools they would need to deal with car key issues efficiently and effectively, and many times at affordable prices.

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The Professional Locksmith Service Menu

When something does go awry with your car keys and you are ready to contact a top professional locksmith service, you can benefit by knowing upfront exactly what types of car key service should be available. With that in mind, here are a few services that are commonly provided by a top “full-service” auto locksmith.

Car Keys Replacement Service

Should one of your car keys break or get lost, you will need help from a fast and friendly car keys replacement service. That would typically include a mobile locksmith showing up at your designated location, fully equipped with the supplies and tools they would need to cut your new car keys.

Can they produce car keys without access to the original key? They certainly can. However, you would very likely be required to show proof of your identity and the ability to somehow show how you are tied to the ownership of the car in question.

Fob Key Service

In the same way that you would need car keys replacement service if problems arose with your car keys, similar things can happen to your fob key device. Yes, your key fob device is also subject to breaking, getting lost, getting locked in the car, and fob battery issues.

None of that is a problem for a top professional locksmith. They should have the ability to provide any kind of fob key service, including

  • Locate and secure a new device
  • Program new key fob devices
  • Reprogram fob devices
  • Replace fob batteries

Car Lockout Service

If you were to leave your key locked in a car or truck, you wouldn’t need a replacement. What you would need is an experienced car locksmith to come open your car door or trunk. This is a service that most professional locksmiths can deliver in a matter of minutes

By the way, all of the aforementioned services should be available regardless of the make, model, or year of your car.


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