Can Hair Growth Serum Treat Hair Loss?

Can Hair Growth Serum Treat Hair Loss?

Serums have led to a completely new revolution in the haircare and skincare industry. They help in protecting our hair and skin from pollution. Hair growth serum not only helps in the quicker growth of our hair but also makes it more manageable. Most people these days suffer from excessive hair loss due to the harsh weather conditions and polluted water. No matter how many products or treatments they try, curing this issue has become a major problem.

The shampoos and conditioners that claim to fix hair loss quickly are often loaded with chemicals and parabens. They do not help in curing hair loss problem, rather leads to numerous other hair issues such as hair thinning and dry hair. Following a proper hair care routine that includes certain good products is extremely important.

While shampoo and conditioner is a must, hair serum is also very important. Everybody should start using it to protect their hair. People wonder if hair growth serum can help in treating hair loss. The serums can help to treat hair loss in most cases. However, if a person is suffering from hormonal problems or other health disorders which is leading to hair loss, then they should consult a doctor and ask them if hair growth serums can fix the problem. A hair growth serum not only helps in the growth of new hair but also stops hair fall. It makes the hair strands strong from the roots and gets rid of damaged hair.

How do Hair Growth Serums Treat Hair Loss?

Here are a few ways by which hair growth serum can help in treating hair loss in people:

Acts as a Shield

Applying a hair growth serum after using shampoo and conditioner acts as a shield against the harmful UV rays of the sun and pollution. The harmful UV rays are as dangerous to our hair as it is for our skin. People may not notice the damage caused by the UV rays immediately but with time they will notice that the hair is breaking easily, thus leading to hair thinning. The hair loses its volume over time if it is exposed directly to the harmful UV rays daily.

Heat Protectant

A hair growth serum helps in the regrowing of hair and also acts as an effective heat protectant. This is why hair care experts advise people to use a serum before applying heat. Many people use straighteners and hair dryers daily. The direct heat makes the roots of the hair strands weak thus making them break easily. If one uses a hair growth serum before applying heat, then the hair will stay protected and hair loss will reduce.

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Detangles hair easily

Many people suffer from frizzy and tangled hair. This leads to an increase in hair loss and thinning. A hair growth serum helps to detangle the hair easily, leading to a reduction in hair loss. It also helps to reduce the frizz if one uses the serum frequently. A hair growth serum has more advantages than just helping in growing new hair. It prevents hair loss and keeps the hair volume intact. People who have frizzy and extremely tangled hair should use a serum after a hair wash. They do not have to battle while detangling the strands, thus preventing excessive hair loss.

Prevents dryness

Another way by which hair growth serums prevent hair loss is by treating dry hair. Dry hair can lead to a lot of hair loss as they do not have moisture. The harsh weather conditions and polluted water aggravates the problems by irritating the scalp and making it itchy.

A hair growth serum helps to prevent dryness after a hair wash by locking in the moisture. It helps the hair to stay moisturised for a longer period, thus preventing hair loss. It also cures the problem of static hair that most of us face during the winter season. A serum provides the nutrition and protein that the hair strands need. It prevents breakage and thinning.

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Treats damaged hair

Sometimes hair can be damaged due to colouring or using excessive heat. A hair growth serum treats this problem by providing nutrition to the hair. Damaged hair breaks very easily and people experience excessive breakage. Using a hair growth serum regularly will help to treat damaged hair effectively and stop hair fall. 

You need to find the right hair growth serum online that will also treat your hair loss issues. Looking through the ingredients and checking if they are suitable for your scalp is important. Everybody has different scalps, so the problems also vary. Choosing the correct serum that is suitable to treat your problems is the first step towards curing hair loss issues. It will also help you to grow new hair quicker and fill up bald patches easily. A good hair growth serum helps to prevent thinning of hair and retains the volume.

All of us want healthy and strong hair, however, to have that, using the right products is the key. People who know what their hair needs are the ones who have long, beautiful and strong hair.


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