Mens Haircuts for Different Hair Types

Hair Styles

Certain things determine the kind of mens haircuts that suit you. The shape of your face and head is the main determinant of how a haircut looks on you because not all haircuts go well with all shapes of the face. The styling of the hair after a haircut is another factor that determines whether you look good in a certain haircut. However, the main factor that determines if a hairstyle looks good on you is actually the hair itself.

Men’s hair tends to have a rough texture that can be hard to style. It can be difficult to style the hair especially if you are using the wrong hair products. Shampoos and hair conditioners are some of the important considerations to make when taking care of your hair as they help in moisturizing it. In this guide, we have listed some of the common types of men’s hair and the best mens haircuts to style their hair. Take a look.

  • Thick Hair

This hair can often feel unmanageable and requires a lot of maintenance that could include regular haircuts to an easily manageable size. This type of hair comes in different forms like wavy, curly, and even soft. Short men’s haircuts work best for these types of hair but long haircuts can also work just fine as long lengths can help in adding shape.

The hair is often heavy once it is washed clean, and requires gel to get to its roots and then blow-dried until it is completely dry. The desired styling can be done on it when it’s still dumped so that it holds into shape then use a wide-toothed comb. 

  • Fine Hair

This kind of hair might look like it does not have a lot of work but on the contrary; it requires as much as any other type of hair. According to MensHaircuts, this type of hair is not dense and you can see the scalp from the top of the head, which makes it easy to wash and dry. Short men’s haircuts work best for fine hair but you can as well style it with gel.

You may want to add volume to your hair by using a blow-dry lotion and dry powder to add density to the hair. Avoid greasy products as they weigh the hair down and prevent it from growing faster.

  • Wavy Hair

This one also comes in between two different forms. Curly and straight hair and this may confuse you on how to handle it. This requires a little more attention to ensure that its shape is retained after it has been done. The best style for this hair is to keep it short on the sides and long on the upper part. The messed-up top part gives it a best-finished look.

The best hair product for this kind of hair is sea salt for a spray and a good finish of clay that ensures that the hair remains in good shape. You can use either your fingers or a drier to style it to the desired look.

Hair Styles 

  • Afro Hair

This is not exactly a hairstyle but a kind of texture for certain types of hair. The hair could have curls coils o even waves and could be even thick. The texture makes it easy for the hair easy to blow dry and style as it does not crease back. Making curls on the long hair and making fringes can also work for this type of hair.

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Using creams on this type of hair can help in maintaining the curls and keeping the style in position for a complete look. A wide-toothed brush is ideal to ensure the distribution of the products in the air.

  • Asian Hair

This one is often shiny and sometimes very thick. This type of hair requires additional hair products to the regular heated tools used. It looks good when cut short on the sides and a fringe is made on the front. Using clay and hairsprays help to maintain the style in a good position. The best thing about styling men’s haircuts for this type is that it does not take long to style and its maintenance is low compared to other hair types.



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