Best Things to do in Dubai 2022

Best Things to do in Dubai 2022

Hurray, long holidays are coming; yeah it’s just around the corner! Now it’s time to prepare a bucket list of places to visit in Dubai. Dubai is a magical land that will never fail to attract visitors by revealing new entertainment and technologies. From the best hotels in downtown Dubai to skyscrapers, & the world’s top wonders, Dubai has endless choices to make your holidays the best memorable ones. Every year, Dubai will come up with new, new things which will make your travel to Dubai, a worthwhile one. Here we have provided the list of new Dubai attractions for 2022 that you should never miss out on.

Museum of the Future 

Dubai’s most famous landmark and is the world’s most beautiful building; the Museum of the Future explores how the world could emerge in the coming years. This museum combines the elements of historical architecture, theatre, and themed attractions. Make your visit to Dubai’s Museum of the Future and look beyond the present and enter into the world of the Future. Here you can explore the technological advancements in all fields including – Space, travel, climate change, ecology, and the medicinal field.

Ain Dubai 

This record-breaking attraction has been opened in late 2021. If you haven’t visited this place before, make sure to add this to your bucket list. Located on Blue waters Island, this world’s largest Ferris wheel offers a 360-degree view of Dubai during the 38 minutes journey in the pod. There are 3 different pod experiences, i.e. Observation Cabins, Social Cabins, and Private Cabins. This Ferris wheel acts as a perfect entertainment zone for visitors.

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Sky Views Dubai 

His breathtaking attraction has been opened in 2019, but still it remains on the holidaymaker’s bucket list of the top 3 things to do in Dubai. Hovering atop the Address Sky View Hotel, it provides unforgettable sightseeing and adrenaline rush experience of – The Observatory Deck, Glass Slide, and stunning Edge Walk. Don’t forget to enjoy this thrilling yet adventurous experience during your stay in Dubai!

Aura Sky Pool 

As the summer is going to hit Dubai, you can enjoy your stay in Dubai by visiting this Aura Sky Pool. This is the highest panoramic pool in the world at a height of 200 meters with a 360-degree view. This sky pool is located in St. Regis Hotel, Palm Tower. It is noted that there is no need to be a hotel guest to enjoy your day in this swimming pool. 

Deep Dive Dubai 

This is the iconic addition to Dubai’s adventure activities list. Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, this is the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving. Diving into this 60-meter pool will give you a chance to explore the underwater world filled with adventure and wonder. Your friends and family can watch your underwater dive through the large windows or the screen. Make sure to add this place to your bucket list, as it will give you an experience like no other.

Final Advice!

When you’re thinking about Dubai and the things to do in Dubai, the main thing that comes to your mind is – Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Deira, Mall of Emirates, the best luxury family hotel Dubai, & so on. But if you’re bored of seeing all these places, now it’s your turn to visit the new places in Dubai as listed above. There are a lot more new places and attractions in Dubai, to make your holiday experience an amazing one!

If you’re planning to visit Dubai to enjoy your holidays or you’re a resident of Dubai but requires a little break from your hustle-bustle life, you can book your stay at The H Hotel Dubai. The ambiance of the hotel can give you a soothing experience and elevate your mood towards fun and enjoyment. Book now & get ready to explore the new attractions of Dubai 2022.


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