Best Mobile Tracker TheOneSpy 2021 Review

Theonespy review

People around the world always try to get their hands on mobile trackers for free. They never realize that free service could cost you data, and it can break your device and steal your data. Free mobile tracking apps are using you like a product; it means anything is not for free. You need to make the best choice for you, and you need to have genuine service to track and monitor someone’s cell phone device running with different operating systems.

You can use a mobile tracker app to track cellphone devices connected to cyberspace. You can monitor every activity on the cellular network of a cellphone, social messaging apps, and the surroundings of the target device. Moreover, you can spy on cellphone messaging apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp, and other instant messaging apps on jailbreak iPhones or rooted Android devices.

The cell phone tracker has the most advanced features that empower you to spy on digital devices connected to cyberspace. Get to know about the best mobile tracker offer by TheOneSpy!

What is TheOneSpy Mobile tracking software?

TheOneSpy is the most powerful mobile app that empowers you to monitor cellphones connected to the internet. Moreover, it is a cross-platform app and packs dozens of features more than 250+. It is an application that has multiple dimensional attributes. You can use it to set parental control on kids, track employees and law enforcement agencies buy it to catch criminals and culprits full of suspicions. It helps out users to the fullest because of its extensive features that you can use for parental tracking and maintain discipline during working hours.

You can get your hands on the mobile tracker applications via the web, but it is tough to find out the best in the world. It has tons of powerful and advanced tracking tools, and you can activate all the tools using a secure online dashboard. The application is suitable for android, and iOS phones, tablets, and pads.

TheOneSpy Mobile tracker price & packages 

TheOneSpy cell phone tracker has introduced plenty of subscription plans and prices. Every operating system has a different price and package.

For android users can subscribe to its XLite Edition and TOS premium plans respectively. You can visit the official webpage of TOS and tap on the buy now page to get the most suitable package for you.

TOS XLite Edition for $6.25 for the month (android)

TOS Premium Edition for $12.5 for the month (Android)

TheOneSpy iPhone spy app has multiple subscription plans, but you can use it only on jailbreak devices.

You can buy iOS package Premium for $35 for a month

  • For $55 for 3 months          
  • For $99 for 6 months

How TheOneSpy mobile tracker works?

For android

Users can use mobile tracking software on cellphone devices running with Android OS. Moreover, you can also use it on iPhone devices. Every application provides you a separate subscription plan and you can use it on the concerning phone running with the compatible OS. It has a secure web control panel that enables users to fetch the data that you can watch and read for having valuable information.

The phone tracker empowers you to monitor and track android phones and tablet devices to the fullest. It works secretly on the target mobile device and remains hidden and undetectable. Android phones do not need rooting at all, except for a couple of features that cannot function without administrative access on the target device. it is compatible up with Android OS version 11.0.

For iPhones

TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app only works on iOS devices unless you jailbreak your target device. You cannot use it without jailbreak. All of its features are jailbreak that requires jailbreak iOS device, that’s for sure. Mobile tracker app for iPhone support 11.2 up to iOS version 14.3.

How to install mobile tracker on android & iOS devices?

Do you want to track any Android or iPhone device? You need to visit TheOneSpy’s official webpage, and you need to get a subscription. You can choose a subscription for an android tracker or iPhone spying app.

If you have subscribed for TOS you can directly start the installation process having credentials. However, you have to jailbreak iPhone/iPad because iPhone monitoring software is pack with jailbreak features.

Get physical access on target devices

You can get access to the target mobile device and start the installation process. Moreover, activate TOS on the target device and access the secure web control panel.

Use online dashboard of mobile tracking software

After the installation process got ended, use credentials and get access to the online dashboard. Further, you can activate the features of your choice and keep using the online dashboard to get results from target android and iOS devices.

Mobile tracker app Features for Android

Here are the following features of cellphone monitoring software for android that you can use to monitor kids and employees respectively.

Top 12 features of TheOneSpy mobile tracker

  • Live screen recorder
  • Screenshots
  • Social media spy (rooted & non-rooted) 
  • Keystrokes logger
  • VoIP call recording
  • Browsing History
  • Surround recording
  • View360
  • Email spy
  • Block incoming calls
  • Block messages & internet 
  • Call recording

These are the features that you can use on android phones and you can read messages, chats conversations, and monitor social networks. It further record live android phone screen, and capture screenshots using TheOneSpy online dashboard.

Mobile tracker app Features for iPhone

Here are the following features of the TOS mobile tracking app for iPhone (jailbreak), you can use it for digital parenting and to catch rouge employees during working hours.

Top 8 Features of TOS iPhone spy app

  • WhatsApp
  • Contacts
  • Device info
  • Appointments
  • Call logs
  • SMS
  • Notes
  • Installed applications

These are top-rated and powerful jailbreak features of phone tracker software for iOS devices. You can use them on a jailbreak iOS device.


 TheOneSpy has the best mobile tracker app in the business that supports android and iOS devices to the fullest.


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