Alarm Clocks: Your Guide to Waking Up Easier

One of the most difficult and important tasks of our daily routine is to wake up on time. We need a lot of self-motivation, alarms and sometimes our family members too to wake up on time. We have all been through the time where you have missed a few morning meetings because you overslept. Hence, instead of relying on your phone’s alarm app consider upgrading it to an alarm clock that is loud enough to wake up heavy sleepers.

Since, there are so many different types of alarm clocks available online from kids alarm clock to bedside alarm clocks, it becomes difficult to find out which one’s the best to wake you up from deep sleep. We have gathered some of the alarm clocks that make it nearly impossible to press snooze and stay in bed.

Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Extra-Loud Dual Alarm Clock:

It is the most versatile cheap alarm clock with some amazing and exciting features. This sonic bomb extra loud dual alarm clock is loud enough to wake deep sleepers and at the same time subtle enough to wake just one person sharing a bed. The alarm volume can be adjusted and you can choose a quieter option if you prefer. When the alarm goes off, lights also flash to get your attention. You can also set multiple alarms if you and your partner wake up on different times. It also has a snooze feature which is programmable between 1 to 30 min.

It also comes with a bed shaker that can be placed under the pillow or mattress. It will shake you up at the designated time without the alarm sounding so that your partner sharing the bed may not get disturbed.

Loftie Clock:

This classic alarm clock is design-ed in a way that enhances your sleep experience. The clock works in two phase systems, rather than waking you up with beeps or bell tones; it starts with a gentle alarm to wake you up from sleep and then a slightly louder second alarm to get you out of bed. The clock is load-ed with 30 different types of sound options that include nature sounds as well. It has the added advantage of playing separate alarms for different days throughout the week. It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility.

Suck UK Clocky – The Runaway Alarm Clock:

These unique type of bedside alarm clocks on wheels is best to force you out of bed. The clock aims to not only wake you up but drag you out of your bed. It is programmed in a way that the first time you hit the snooze button the alarm starts moving away, creating enough distance to literally force you to get out of bed. This means that the clock can be unbelievably annoying. Like other regular alarm clocks, it does not play a loop of music or the same series of beeps every morning that makes you habitual of listing the same sound in the morning, and can often be ignored. Instead, it plays a garbled, arrhythmical set of beeps, buzzes and pings that are too awful to be ignored.

Kucoole Bed Shaker Loud Alarm Clock:

One of the most powerful awakening clocks that can compel you to wake you up and get out of bed. The alarm starts with lower beeps and gradually gets higher until it’s screaming at you. In addition, it vibrates stronger than any phone would, make sure that you have woken up. It is can use as kids wake up clock due to its beautiful look children will keep the clock in their room and you don’t have to worry about waking them up for school on time.

Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light Therapy Lamp:

If the loud alarm clock isn’t working for you and you are still struggling to wake up on time. You should go for a light alarm, it might help. The device gradually lightens your room with a light helping you wake up naturally instead of the loud noise of a regular alarm.

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