Affordable Candle Packaging Boxes Available in Unique Styles.

candle packaging boxes

Packaging is the first thing that we notice when we look to buy something from the market. If the outlook is not attractive, you wouldn’t get that specific item. A good packaging box helps build anticipation in the customers regarding the object. There has been a striking rise in the demand for candles in the market for the past few years. To help get your brand of candles to stand out, you need unique and impressive candle packaging boxes.

Why are candles used?

Candles are used as a symbol of serenity and calmness in any household. You can keep them in your room, living area, or close to your bathtub to have a soothing and relaxing feel. Aromatic and scented candles because of their soft aroma and calming effect are sought out by many service providers like salons and spas.

Apart from those candles are also a great way to add beauty and style to your home or office. They are a great item for decorating your personal space. Candles with beautiful designs and colors are a smart yet inexpensive way to add luxury to the décor of your home or workplace.

Candles are also a mandatory item when it comes to celebrations. Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding, or even a simple candlelight dinner, candles add zeal to your special event. Blowing the candles at a birthday party is an obligatory ritual without which the celebrations are incomplete.

In addition to all these uses, candles are also a great item to present someone as a gift. Whatever the occasion, candles are the perfect way to put a smile on the face of your loved ones. They are a simple yet intimate way to show them your love and affection.

Requirements for a good candle packaging boxes

When selecting a candle packaging boxes for your candle you need to keep certain points in mind. Whether you are a vendor or you need to present the candle as a gift, some key features regarding the packaging are important to consider.

Quality material

The quality of the packaging box should be damage free and strong. This is important for both the safety of the contents of the box and retaining the look of the packaging. If the packaging box gets easily damage in transit or stacking on shelves, it would not have a good impression on the customers. A strong resilient material that retains its shape and is light weight at the same time is ideal for packaging.

Safe for the environment

With the increasing awareness about environmental safety, there has been a rise in demand for nature-friendly and sustainable products. A good packaging must be easily recyclable so that it poses less or no harm to the environment. Packaging materials with plant origins are the best choice regarding this aspect. Not only are they very resilient and tear-free but also 100% recyclable.

Safety of the candle

Candles are carefully crafted delicate decorative items that need to retain their unique shape when they reach the consumer. The packaging must be able to provide enough space to the candle so that it can fit in without the risk of reshaping. If the packaging box is not strong enough, it can cause damage to the shape of candle packaging boxes while storage and transport. Strong boxes with high tensile strength are also necessary for delivery to long distances.

Retention of freshness

Scented candles are becoming increasingly popular in the market for their soothing and calming properties. They are infused with perfumes, oils, and dry flower petals to add fragrance and aroma. A good packaging box must be able to retain all these properties so that they remain fresh for long periods of time. A packaging that is not airtight cannot rightly serve that purpose. Packaging should be airtight and with a proper seal to keep the candle free of dust and moisture.

Product details

The contents of the item need to be mentioned in detail on the candle packaging boxes. There are certain oils and perfumes, or other such contents added to the composition of candles. The buyer can be allergic to any of the contents. Also, there must be a mention of child safety guidelines on the box to keep children safe from harm.


To get your brand or company to get exclusive recognition in the market, you need to consider branding. You can do this by incorporating the logo or name of your brand on the packaging box. To make it more prominent you can use special printing colors and techniques. This is a great marketing strategy that helps build trust of customers in your company products.

Custom Candle Packaging Boxes Styles

Keeping in mind all these parameters we can now go on to select a style for the packaging box of our candle. It is always better to get candle packaging wholesale boxes to get hold of exclusive discounts and special prices.

Tuck top candle box

Tuck top boxes single piece boxes with a tuck end at the top which closes at the front of the box. This tuck is friction closure from where you remove the candle. The bottom is usually an auto lock bottom which is very secure for storing the candle packaging boxes. This style is very convenient because they offer flat shipping option.

Reverse tuck end candle box

Reverse tuck end boxes offer the benefit of having two closures at both ends of the box. This style is perfect if you want a printing and design display on both front and back end of the box. The top tuck end opens at the front and the bottom tuck end at the back of the box.

Telescope candle box

Telescope boxes are two-piece boxes that have a bottom end in which we place the candle and a top lid. For candle packaging the lids are usually larger than the bottom part. This style of box packaging is ideal if you want to present your candle as a gift.


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