A complete guide to seal end boxes

seal end boxes

What are seal end boxes?

Custom seal end boxes are the best type of packaging for keeping products securely. As the name suggests that the products in it are easily seal packed and do not move easily, so in this way, it provides the necessary protection. Another, the major advantage of opting for seal end boxes is that they are a highly presentable kind of packaging for luxury products. Every company is introducing this kind of packaging as the competition in the market is getting tougher day by day. Since everyone is making their seal end boxes so the only thing that distinguishes one product from another is their packaging. If you are interested to increase the more customer’s attraction then the custom seal end boxes can easily be customizable. You can add all the special features to make them look more attractive to consumers.

Structure of seal end boxes

Seal end auto bottom boxes are the most traditional boxes in the market. But they are still quite demanding in the market as they have many benefits which make them unique among others. The custom seal end boxes consist of four panels which are being separated with the creases. The upper and lower part of the box has the same shaped dust flaps, thus keep the box align and balanced. The one side panel is being glued so it is easily adjusted with the other. You can easily place the product in it, as the rest of the sides are strongly attached and keep the product secure and safe.

Why packaging is important?

The packaging always reflects your brand image. First, decide what type of brand you are, say, are you cool, trendy, or casual? Get the answer to this question from yourself. Then, create a campaign that supports your core values ​​and vision. Always remember that strong packaging always makes your product unique in the market. Once you’ve chosen a package for your brand, choosing the appropriate color scheme and artwork will help you express your brand image more vividly. Make a strong slogan that can represent or portray your brand name. If you want to make the boxes more visible, you can also emboss your brand name on them. The purpose of packaging is to increase your product’s worth in the market. The way you present things are always being remembered by people. Many types of research have proved the impact of presentation on customer’s minds. The more people attracted to them, the more you will enjoy the maximum sales funnel.  

Benefits of seal end auto bottom

Highly customizable

One of the major advantages of opting for the seal end boxes is that they are highly customizable. Companies are always looking for ways to increase the popularity of their brand. However, many of these companies have benefited by investing their time and resources in packaging. Well-designed packaging is a good option for bringing new products to market. The seal boxes can be customized according to your requirements. They can be specially designed for any brand. The materials and equipment used to make these boxes are also very special. This allows you to customize your boxes to suit the needs of your product. There is no restriction in making such boxes, customize them according to your demand and need.

Effective branding through logo

During the production process, printing companies use special ink to print the name or symbol of the company on the body of the boxes. They also serve as excellent business advertisements. Customize your brand logo most distinctively, so nobody would copy them. A logo is representing your brand, so as soon as the customer would see your logo they will immediately associate with your brand.

Color scheme

The color of the box ends is another unique feature to consider when designing custom packaging. Its importance in creating attractive packaging cannot be overemphasized. So always choose colors wisely, as they are the most prominent thing. When the custom seal boxes are displayed in the market, it’s the color that makes them most noticeable. When gathering the designs for your boxes, choose a good color that goes well with your product. There are many color options to choose from. A print specialist can also help you make the right color choices.

Best for carrying heavy items These boxes are more preferable to carry heavy items, as these boxes can carry them easily. This is one of the most unique features of sealed boxes. In most cases, professional printing companies use a horizontal or vertical packing machine to seal, fill and assemble these boxes.  Another important feature that makes them popular in the market, they are also very easy to assemble.


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