6 Essential Skills Every Digital Marketing Needs to Know in 2022

6 Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know in 2022

Digital marketing is one of many fields that have been rapidly developing ever since the advent of the world wide web. Year by year, marketing comes up with new strategies, approaches, and methods, boosting companies’ revenues and strengthening their position in the market.

Since marketing plays a pivotal role in brands’ success, it’s no wonder that each and every company comprises a marketing team that focuses on promoting products reaching the right audience. Nor should it be surprising that marketing itself has become a highly competitive field. 

It’s not enough to know how to launch email and social media marketing campaigns these days, although they’re still vital in advertising. Brands require marketers to be well-rounded and have a diverse skill set, from knowing the fundamentals in design and video SEO to more profound expertise in content creation.

With that being said, if your new year’s resolution is to bolster your marketing prowess and become a sought-after professional, you may want to look at the six skills that will make you a perfect marketer in 2022.

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Market research and analysis

As pointed out above, digital marketing changes regularly. Some strategies come and go; others, in turn, remain. More so, they supersede other, widely applied approaches. Knowing what to expect is marketers’ primary task. Not only does it allow specialists to forecast possible market changes, but market research also lets brands analyze their competitors and learn their strategies. 

Hence the first essential skill. Knowing how to research the market, analyze the numbers, and draw specific conclusions based on them will boost your value as a digital marketer.

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Writing catchy and saleable copies is not nearly an easy task. Besides appealing to the persona, copywriters need to find ways to encapsulate the text and make it as brief and informative as possible. Why is that important? Although people have started spending more time on social media, the range of things they now do on social platforms has been extended. 

People use apps to communicate with others, skim the feed, and buy products. But the problem is, many experience fear of missing out on something crucial; that’s why they spend less time on particular posts.

You’re strongly encouraged to brush up on copywriting skills. It will allow you to produce excellent texts and ensure more users will pause their scrolling and immerse themselves with your content. 

 Digital MarketingWide-ranging, multilayered planning

Without a shadow of a doubt, marketing expands its areas of interest. Now we can observe that more expert marketers have started modifying common approaches. That is, while far-reaching planning has long been on the marketing agenda, it’s now improved with a multilayered approach. In other words, digital marketing professionals consider other concomitant fields when making plans. They observe the tendencies and learn numbers, which helps them design a top-notch campaign.

When planning, marketers cooperate with other specialists and ensure their marketing strategies don’t go against other areas.

Video marketing

TikTok has given videos a new lease of life, modifying video formats and making video content desirable. Videos in marketing campaigns are no exception. They help raise brand awareness and, more importantly, keep people engaged. And the best thing about videos is that they can be different in length and content. This opens a window of opportunities for brands to attract clients, take a stance, and tell a story. 

Additionally, there are a few different ways that you can increase number of followers that you have on TikTok. 

The simple way is to produce great content. If your videos are creative and interesting, people will be more likely to follow you. Another way to increase your follower count is to interact with other users. Like and comment on other people’s videos, and follow users who you enjoy watching. 

You can also try to get featured on TikTok’s explore page. If your video is selected by the algorithm, it will be exposed to a much larger audience and you’re likely to gain a lot of new followers as a result. 

For marketers, in contrast, that means more work, as every video requires a unique approach. If you’re up for challenges, knowing how to handle videos, i.e., promote them effectively, will make you an invaluable asset to any team.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization isn’t new to the marketing world. Good SEO ranks websites and their content high on Google, thus making such pages visible to a large audience. SEO usually requires plenty of attention and effort, so companies often have professionals working just on SEO.

There is no need to learn the nuts and bolts of SEO as a marketer. What’s way more crucial is knowing the rudiments of SEO craft, mainly how to analyze and research keywords.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Although being with us for decades, only recently have AI and ML sparked our attention. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are constitutive parts of what we see in the digital world. Many things have benefited from AI and ML, with apps, software, and web pages being on top of the list. 

Indubitably, AI and ML require solid knowledge. But having at least a basic understanding of how these work and how to implement them in your marketing program will make you a progressive and skillful marketer.

 Digital Marketing

Bonus tip

Regardless of the importance of hard skills, soft skills are equally critical. In fact, they will be decisive in many campaigns, letting marketers adjust to the audience’s interests and preferences. Of multiple soft skills, the ability to show empathy and curiosity will give the brand plenty of credit. 

Apart from these, make sure to work on your communication, persuasiveness, and adaptability. 

Ready to become a qualified marketer?

Provided skills will enrich your marketing toolset and allow you to critically evaluate the market, determine its tendencies and possible changes, and come up with an effective strategy. So, what are you waiting for? Enter the new year with a set of practical skills today!


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