5 Things to Know About Excel to PDF Conversion Using GogoPDF

Excel spreadsheets are used by many for an array of purposes. It becomes essential for business people and entrepreneurs to keep records, systematically present data, and manage most transactions. Furthermore, Excel offers users various tools to manage files and data and present such information efficiently. Such tools come as illustrations, different graphs, charts, and other visual representations.

However, when an excel spreadsheet includes a significant amount of data, it takes longer to load. Moreover, you may also have difficulty sending it to an email. Excel spreadsheets are also prone to have viruses, which can damage the file and make it inaccessible. Consequently, you must convert it to a PDF file and reduce its size. GogoPDF is no doubt the tool you need. Here are the things you should know when running your file to a GogoPDF converter. 

Facts About Excel to PDF Conversion Using GogoPDF

  1. Quickest Turnaround Time 

If you will convert Excel to PDF online, GogoPDF is the best platform to do it. Its file conversion tool enables you to change excel to pdf in the quickest time frame possible. Your hectic schedule is not something to be concerned about. 

Upload your files to this online converter, and the process will start immediately. The converter can finish the process quickly based on the number of files you are converting. Just relax, and GogoPDF will finish the conversion without you noticing it. 

  1. Quality of Output is Guaranteed

A quick turnaround time might lose the confidence of others because of quality concerns. “Yes, it might be fast, but how about the quality?” It’s one question that may arise from other users. However, quality is not a problem with GogoPDF. It is a handy online tool that quickly transforms Excel to PDF. GogoPDF online converter produces accurate and high-quality results. 

  1. Secured Platform 

GogoPDF is an efficient and secure platform. It is a versatile tool to use for your documents. This platform offers over 20 tools to help your file conversion, modification, and protection. Your files could include sensitive or confidential data. 

GogoPDF is fully aware of this and always commits to secure your data. As a result, the site protects your personal information and automatically deletes downloaded or converted files after an hour. The GogoPDF system removes them permanently from its webpage. You can be sure that no one can view your data or documents without your approval. 

  1. No Required Installation

Using GogoPDF does not require the installation of any software. Thus, it does not occupy space from your storage. Whether it’s a smartphone or a computer, your device will not slow down, nor will its performance be affected. Everything is performed online; make sure you have a reliable internet connection and access and enjoy GogoPDF. 

  1. Guaranteed Accessibility and Portability

The Excel file converter, along with other GogoPDF tools, is accessible through various internet browsers. Moreover, you can also open the platform from numerous operating systems. You can visit the webpage using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, and other most commonly used browsers.

Your OS is also not a problem; whether your device has Mac, Windows, or Linux, GogoPDF works smoothly. As long as you have a reliable device and internet connection, you can use GogoPDF whenever and wherever you like. 

How to convert Excel to PDF With GogoPDF

There are many ways to convert your spreadsheets to PDF. However, one of the most efficient methods involves using an online converter. Turn your Excel to PDF quickly and easily with GogoPDF.

The good thing about it is—it’s free. You can use it without worrying about monthly bills. It is free of charge unless you want to use the PRO version. How does it work? 

Simple, open the website on your browser. Choose the process you need. Click and download your file from your device or drag and drop it on the site. Wait for the converter to turn the file into a pdf. It will only take a minute. Then, you may now download it on your device or share your newly converted file to any of your social media accounts. 

Check Out This Other Tools from GoGoPDF 

As mentioned previously, GoGoPDF has more than 20 tools to offer. All of these are accessible on any browser and operating system, regardless of the device you have. You can split, merge, compress, or convert files to PDF and vice versa. Moreover, you can also unlock a pdf if you forgot your password. GogoPDF can also help you secure your files by the Protect PDF, Add Water, and e-Sign PDF features. 


Managing your files and creating them, including the spreadsheets, can be stressful and commonly occupy a lot of your time. However, the situation must not always be like this. You can save yourself a lot of time and effort when you use GogoPDF.


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