3 Quick Steps To Repair a PDF File with GogoPDF

Almost everyone has a couple of files that they need to edit and manage. Luckily, we can save our works in PDF files for a more professional and secure file format.  PDF files are widely used and loved for their accessibility, portability, and above all, convenience! But when faced with a corrupted and damaged PDF file, especially when we really need it, it can be such a hassle. Well, there is no need to sweat because you can fix your PDF file in no time! 

Damaged PDF files

Before we proceed with the steps to repair pdf files, we have to know the causes of the damage to prevent our future files from getting corrupted. It is indeed frustrating when a file we put so much work on gets destroyed. The common causes of such issues are improper shutdown of the system, power failure devices, file transfer disruptions, device storage failures, incomplete or failed file downloads, or worse; the file acquires a virus or malware. Although such issues are sometimes inevitable, it is crucial that we are aware of them so we can be more cautious and responsible in taking extra care of our files. 

Repair your PDF files using GogoPDF

The best site to go to for repair and other PDF related tools is GogoPDF! It is free to use and accessible; all you need is to be connected to the internet. They provide tools and services not only for repair but also for file optimization, file organization, file viewing and editing, e-signing, conversion, and security. GogoPDF has it all! Repair your damaged and corrupted PDF files with just three quick and easy steps! Here’s a more detailed step-by-step instruction.

Steps to Repair PDF Files With GogoPDF

1. Upload your Damaged PDF File

The first thing that you need to do is to go to the Repair PDF tool once you are on the GogoPDF website. You will be sent to the toolbox where you can fix your damaged or corrupted PDF files.

To start, you will have to upload the PDF file you wish to have repaired. Click the Select Files button located at the center of the toolbox, and a window of your device’s file library will pop out. There, look for the file, select it, then click Open. Your PDF file will be loaded to the server right after. 

GogoPDF also makes uploading PDF files a whole lot easier by having the option to drag and drop the file from the file library to the server. This can only be done if you’re using a computer or desktop. 

When your file is uploaded, it will be immediately converted and processed by the server!

2. Wait for the PDF File to be Repaired

In this step, all you will have to do is wait for your PDF file to be retrieved and repaired. 

Following your file upload, the site will automatically process and analyze your PDF and then repair it. The waiting time usually takes a minute or less, depending on your internet speed, the size of your file, and the amount of repairs needed to be done according to its damage. When the repair is completed, you will be redirected to another page for the last step!

3. Download and share the Repaired PDF file

Finally, we are on our last step! Who knew repairing damaged PDF files is this easy? 

Once the site has finished repairing the file, you will be welcomed with a page where you can download the file to your device and share it with others! The site offers various options on how you want to save and share the PDF file.

To download the file, click the Download button, and your repaired PDF file will be directly saved to your device, either your computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. 

There is a generated shareable link ready for you to copy and send to as many recipients as you want for them to download the file to their device as well. They will only have to click the link. You can also send the link via email with a personal message by just clicking the mail button and entering your email address and the recipients’ on the space provided. 


Damaged and corrupted PDF files are inevitable but there are many ways on how to control and fix them. With the use of GogoPDF, you can repair your files in a couple of clicks. And if you are thinking about the security of your files being uploaded online, rest assured all uploaded files will be automatically deleted from the server after one hour. GogoPDF respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. Feel free to explore their selection of tools and services!


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