5 Spooky Halloween Email Template Examples to Inspire you

5 Spooky Halloween Email Template Examples to Inspire you

The spooky season’s upon us. It’s the time when people start ransacking their storage rooms and attics to bring out their Halloween decorations. On the other hand, merchants and eCommerce websites ready their discount offers and email campaigns with the hopes to score big. Most people in the USA start their holiday season shopping around Halloween. According to finance reports, total spending during this holiday went well beyond $8 billion. Even in 2020, with the second wave washing across the country, the sales refused to dip below the $8 billion mark. 

With an optimized email marketing strategy, you can also get a piece of this scrumptious pumpkin pie. Here are a few dos and don’ts that you should follow while creating your email template for the upcoming Halloween holiday campaign.


  • Include Halloween-related wit and humor in your email copy
  • Use an eye-catching subject line to stand out in the email boxes of your target audience
  • You need to clarify the goal of your email right from the get-go as customers will only spare 11.1 seconds of their time to skim through your email
  • Also, you get brownie points for including Halloween-themed products, if you have any
  • Try to use Halloween-themed fonts to make your email copy more “spooky”. You can use fonts that look like slimes, or you can use fonts that have extremely pointy ends


  • Don’t go overboard with the catchphrases. Your content needs to add value to your customer’s time while also being funny
  • Don’t use generic images and stock images to build your Halloween emails template.
  • Going overboard with the email template design will distract the reader from reaching for the CTA button
  • Don’t use your regular email font

Spookiest Email Template Examples

Now that you know about the dos and don’ts of the Halloween email, here are some beautifully designed email template examples

  • Rover’s toys for your pet werewolves

Rover is an eCommerce website that exclusively deals with treats and toys for your pets. Their Halloween email template is one of the cutest emails you will ever come across. They have a wonderful email copy with not so scary pictures. However, the picture is enough to advertise the toys which they have made specifically for Halloween. The copy of the email also contains a few witty wordplays. The call-to-action buttons contrast well with the background color of the email. They have also attached a couple of more images to showcase their limited edition toys. They sign off their emails with a conditional free-shipping offer. 

  • Trick or Lendingtree-t

Lendingtree is a financial lender that has no products or services that naturally tie in with the aesthetics of Halloween. Yet, they were able to create a Halloween-oriented email campaign for their targeted customers. They have used a combination of green and orange colors on a darker background, which makes their CTA buttons and captions stand out from the rest of the content. You will notice that they have placed two similar CTA buttons in a single email, which makes it harder for the reader to overlook it. Additionally, they have added a section explaining how personal loans can be a good decision, thus adding value to their potential customer’s life. 

  • Harry’s hair-raising email

Harry’s sells subscription shaving plans and high-quality shaving razors, which are not representative of the holiday at hand. Nevertheless, they were able to come up with a rather amusing email template for their subscribers. The email exactly represents what the company has to offer. They have used GIFs to represent how some scary mythological characters would have dealt with their hair problems. The company was able to leverage the lore behind Halloween and directly link its narrative to its products. To top it off, they have also offered a CTA button that allows their potential customer to enjoy a free trial period. 

  • Blue Apron’s treats

Blue Apron opted for a single picture background email. The heading would be considered inappropriate and bleak, but it is apt for the Halloween email campaign. They have also limited their color palette use. They have used the red color to highlight their brand name and CTA button. Furthermore, the CTA button is embedded with a discount offer for their potential customer. Blue Apron’s email content also capitalizes on the FOMO sentiments of its subscribers. It is a nifty psychological trick to persuade their reader to get themselves a treat. 

  • LastCrafts trick-or-treat trinkets

LastCraft specializes in selling funky clothing pins and has created this email to specifically sell Halloween-themed pins. The font used in their headings has pointy edges and sports Halloween-themed colors. They have also advertised their regular stickers along with a few other goodies. Their email copy might not be as impressive as some of the others on the list, but their email layout and CTA placements wholly compensate for it. Moreover, they have offered free goodies on certain purchases right in their opening paragraph. 


Your line of business is irrelevant when it comes to Halloween email campaigns, which are great for increasing brand recall as well as sales. It is a great time to get your creative juices flowing and create humorous content for your email subscribers. We hope the above-mentioned email template examples will inspire you to design your own awesome email.

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