5 Key Reasons Why Business Use Translation Services

5 Key Reasons Why Business Use Translation Services

Business translation is the work of a translator on complex documentation of a commercial nature. Such documents have a direct connection with the conduct and development of the business. In addition, it is usually necessary to perform business translations of various marketing and advertising texts. This work has many complexities that should be definitely taken into account.

Here is the list of business materials that are usually subjected to translation:

  • Analytical information;
  • Statistical data;
  • Information about marketing strategy;
  • Site;
  • Business texts;
  • Financial documents;
  • Articles and other additional information.

Depending on the type of activity, there may be other types of documentation. The person engaged in translation should be competent and knowledgeable in all the issues under consideration. Otherwise, the businessman runs the risk of getting into many difficulties in the future. It is also necessary that the specialist has knowledge in the field of terminology that relates to the field of business.

In addition to translation, every business requires quality automated transcription services for audio or video files. Audio transcription online is both a separate service and part of the work on the translation of voice materials. A secure transcription in translation is necessary to obtain adequate and clear audio in the target language. The result can be achieved by selecting relevant expressions and adapting the text to the needs of the audience. There are many offers for audio transcription on the market – paid speech to text programs, services of freelancers, and companies. However, the most professional transcription online services are provided by the transcription company transcriberry.com. You should definitely visit this transcription website and get a quality transcription if you want to grow your business.

The main reasons why a business needs translation and transcription are described in detail below. Try to read the material carefully.

Role of Translation in the Business Industry

There are 5 main advantages that professional translation provides to a business. Let’s consider each of them.

New Markets – New Customers

Increasing sales by attracting new potential customers is the first thing most business owners think of. They are considering translation to enter foreign markets, and this is definitely one of the undeniable benefits of translation. And, according to experts, 73% of buyers make a positive purchase decision if information about products and services is available in their native language.

Reputation Building

Companies regularly spend money on PR and promotion to create a positive perception of the brand among buyers. This is because any business owner understands the value of a good reputation for attracting customers. High-quality translation helps build a positive image of the company by showing potential and existing clients that you respect the local culture and plan to develop your business in a foreign market.

Protection of Your Brand

You have probably put a lot of effort into providing your products and services to potential customers properly. But if you do not translate advertising and marketing materials, you will have no control over how your offers will be presented in foreign markets.

Even if you are not going to allocate a budget for translation for your business, but at the same time enter new markets, the translation will take place one way or another without your participation. Most likely local distributors or, in the worst-case scenario, the buyers themselves will handle the translation. At the same time, such an uncontrolled translation will likely contain errors and inaccuracies. But this can be avoided if you initiate and control the translation process because no one else knows your products or services better than you. Accordingly, if you do not take control of the translation, buyers will receive inaccurate information that damages your company’s reputation and thereby reduces sales prospects.

Business Partners Support

If you cooperate with foreign distributors or marketing representatives, translation can make their job easier by providing them with the tools and accurate information they need for successful sales.

If potential customers can use the website and receive professional marketing materials in their own language, it will present your business partners in the best possible light and increase customer loyalty.

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Customer Support

Providing translated materials for customer support (for example, usage guides, answers to frequently asked questions, etc.) will help you successfully drive initial sales and build loyalty. Clients will know that they will be able to find a solution and answers to their questions in their own language.

Translation can also help reduce your costs by eliminating the need for more costly personalized customer support.

How to Prepare a Business for Translation?

Companies with large reach see translation as a regular part of their business. Business preparation is critical to the overall performance in the international market.

Here are five ways to make sure your business is translation-ready:

  1. Collect the content you want to translate. At first, it may seem like you only need to translate the content of your website to facilitate sales overseas. But you will most likely need to translate privacy policy statements, user guides, sales contracts, etc. The list can go on and on, depending on what you are selling, where you are selling, and the industry rights you must respect;
  2. Find the right partner for the work. Once you know what content you need to translate, you should find a team of specialists who can effectively handle the assignment;
  3. Know your target audience. You need to define your target audience so that translators can adapt the content for certain people;
  4. Create a style guide. Before handing over your content to a team of professional translators, you need to define the style they should follow;
  5. Create a glossary of terms. This preparatory phase includes working with translators to collect specific terminology and translate it into the appropriate languages.

Thus, quality translation and transcription can provide a range of benefits for your business in terms of marketing, customer support, and distributor assistance. Without translators, it would be impossible to exchange the accumulated experience and knowledge and establish the supply of goods and services around the world. A linguist-translator can provide communication in the implementation of international programs and projects at various enterprises, travel agencies, hotel businesses, etc. Such specialists are simply irreplaceable when organizing negotiations, conferences, and seminars using several working languages. But don’t forget to properly prepare your business for translation. This will ensure its maximum efficiency.


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