5 Helpful Tips for Improving Your Employee Time Tracking

employee time and attendance

Every successful company has multiple business strategies. One of the most important is employee time and attendance monitoring. This part of the business has a big impact on making a profit, so it’s important how you keep records. A prerequisite for successful business is precisely excellent project management and appropriate productivity. Learn more about it below.

  1. Talk to employees about time tracking

Tracking employee time and attendance of your workers brings many benefits to the entire company. It is important to discuss the topic with your employees. Your team must fully understand the value of data tracking. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired effect even with the best equipment. Try to explain to them the impact of this technology on their productivity and other aspects of business.

For example, introduce them to the basic functions of this strategy. It is certainly a wise allocation of resources, creating an accurate invoice, as well as generating a quick payroll. This approach helps employees to do their work more easily, because they get more flexibility.

  1. Encourage employees

Show appreciation to your employees by rewarding obedient workers. It’s one of the best ways to get your team to track time. Think carefully about which staff members follow the rules and thrive. Opt for small gifts or an extra day off.

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  1. Consider business needs

Before choosing a employee time and attendance tracking system, you should check which technology best fits your specific business needs. Consider work assignments and many other factors that influence your decision. You need to adapt the tool to your business environment in order to use its full potential.

  1. Choose a simple time tracking system

Whichever approach you choose, don’t spend too much time using this technology. Make it extremely simple. For example, set certain options to help you better categorize tasks. A simple time tracking software is a great option because it will be completely adaptable to the conditions of your business. Although there are many different online time trackers, many of them are too complicated to use or contain unnecessary features.

Remember that an easier approach is always a better choice, because your employees will adopt this way of working faster. It is preferable to use technology that includes automatic reminders, easy data and all other functions that are relevant to your business. So get employee time tracking apps today and put an end to paper time sheets forever, because no one uses them anymore.

  1. Inform employees of your expectations

After your employees understand the importance of tracking their time, you should let them know about something else. Explain to them what you expect from them, but don’t forget to justify your requests. Try to be as clear as possible. To achieve greater success, write a time tracking policy and distribute it to every person in the company.

Of course, you can also place your requests on the digital platform. This list will cover all the activities the employees are involved in, as well as the time frame they should follow. Finally, the list should also include a way to record time. Maintain communication with employees by having regular face-to-face conversations.


To make your team even more efficient, come up with new ways to use the data you receive. Also ask your team for feedback on the new system and include them in the process.


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