5 Go To Angular UI Framework You Should Use for Web Development

Angular UI framework

Businesses need to manage websites or applications in today’s digital world. 2.5 million new websites are created and published every day; therefore, businesses should find the right solution. Such situations require you to adopt a specific strategy for your website to keep it active. Angular UI framework became one of the most prominent frontend frameworks due to its popularity.

Angular UI framework is the most popular and widely recognized for its functions and has been the preference of software program specialists for

Front-end improvement.Front-end plays an essential role in attracting the users’ attention for any website or app. Moreover, it is the access for any business to get clients or promising leads.

As the network of Angular grew, many UI libraries and frameworks were made to simplify internet improvement with Angular. Moreover, these ready-to-use Angular UI elements present simple and quicker methods of constructing a visually attractive and responsive UI for web apps.If you are confused to hire angular developers then, this blog will look around some of the most remarkable and most popular Angular UI Frameworks that will change your perspective.

This blog will look around some of the most remarkable and most popular Angular UI Frameworks.

5 Go to Angular UI Frameworks

Let’s try to understand which one of those could be the right choice for your next project.

1. UI Bootstrap

Angular UI framework

UI Bootstrap is an Angular UI framework that uses Bootstrap, one of the most robust frontend tools. It contains an extensive collection of dependent components such as Bootstrap CSS, Angular Touch, and Angular animate. As a result, UI Bootstrap strongly supports rapid web development with Angular. Best of all, it eliminates the use of jQuery or Bootstrap JavaScript while further improving the performance of your web application.


Minimum Design.
37 testimonial appliances.
Four formats files included.
Structured widgets.
Easily changeable files.
Fully custom-made.
Free fonts.
Retina ready.


This framework is very user friendly
Very close to the original visually and tactilely
You can easily personalize with the help of this framework
Multiple modules, not monolithic


It will let the developer integrate the feature with others
It’s not very popular these days and may lack support for specific issues.

2. Suave UI

Angular UI framework

Suave UI framework specifically introduced to use Angular to build user interfaces for web applications. Angular developers can easily create UIs for web applications that incorporate colors, layers, and grids via CSS definitions, directives, and Suave.

Other than this, the Suave UI framework provides UI components in bundle files. As a result, web developers do not have to integrate components individually. Instead, you can do this with a single command via Bower.


You can build custom HTML tags delivering as custom widgets with the support of directives.
The UI components are already encompassed in bundle files.
You don’t have to include elements separately.


They are too assertive.
You are not learning how to do the coding
Modernization might introduce disputes with your code

3. Angular Material

Angular UI framework

Angular Material is considered one of Angular’s most popular UI kits today and is probably the most popular, even though its core functionality is fixed in Material Design style. However, With over 22,000 stars on GitHub, this kit is extremely popular with developers and provides excellent community support for constantly publishing and discussing bugs, integrated features, and ultimately performance issues.


Represents the base on which other UI kits are located
Integrate material design
It includes multiple modules, not monolithic
Integrates a good CDK
This framework provides some accessibility features
Continue to support IE11


Difficult to customize: This kit plagues strange DOM structures, ghost tags, complex CSS styles to code, and in some cases, requires a notorious (and wrong) approach.
Strictly tied to material design style.
The documentation is not very extensive. Leads to StackOverflow search. Also, there is no good search engine for document pages.

4. LumX

Angular UI framework

LumX, based on Google Material Design, is also a responsive AngularJS UI framework. Developed with Saas and Bourbon, LumX acts as a complete CSS framework. However, web application development relies entirely on AngularJS.

Therefore, LumX is great for customizing the design of Angular web applications. In addition, you can use Gulp to automatically optimize SaaS and JS files to improve the performance of your web application. LumX uses jQuery but no plug-ins.


This framework is appropriate for customizing applications
It is easy to expand
It is easy to test Great MVC
It is supported by Google
You can easily customize through this framework
Optimizes SaaS & JS files


This framework is less protective
There is no specific way
It is JavaScript-based framework
This framework is not supported anywhere
Memory effusion

5. Angular UI Grid

Angular UI framework

Angular UI Grid is one of the best Angular UI frameworks for developing web applications that include large datasets. Written without dependencies other than AngularJS, AngularUIGrid framework provides valuable features such as sorting, grouping, filtering, visualization, user interaction, and e2e testing. It also facilitates the implementation of AngularJS without jQuery.

In addition, you can easily customize the overall look of your website by modifying the CSS and using the built-in customizer. Finally, with the Angular UI Grid plug-in architecture, you can use only the features you need and reduce the technical debt of your web application.


In this framework 2-way data binding can be done.
Easily create custom HTML tags conveying as custom widgets by support of directives.
Dependency Inoculation makes development of applications simple for developers
A strong community provided enough training materials


The zestful application didn’t perform well
There are more learning ways; therefore, it creates confusion among engineers.

Bottom Line

You must have observed that every Angular UI framework offers different integrals and features by going through this blog. Therefore it is essential to find out the requirements of your web applications and select the appropriate technology for them. After doing this now, you can choose the Angular UI framework components accordingly.

Most of the companies have introduced intelligent, expandable, and creative solutions for clients across industries. Their developers use knowledge and expertise to create and convey web and mobile applications that enhance your business and provide good products to the client.



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